Britney Spears and Sam Asghari: A Romance That Became A Marriage

For some time now, the life of Britney Spears has taken a new breath and part of it is due to her relationship with Sam Asghari. How did this romance between Britney Spears and Sam Asghari start?

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

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After the storm comes the calm. Just as it has happened to Britney Spears, who after years of suffering under the tutelage of her father and other personal relationships, finally found the peace and freedom that she so desired for her life. Part of it is due to the romance that began with Sam Asghari, a young man who went from being a loving, understanding and discreet boyfriend, to the singer's new husband. Although they have both been through a lot lately, fate has given them a happy marriage.

But before learning how this romance started, it's worth briefly discussing who Sam Asghari is. The young man of Iranian origin immigrated to the United States in 2006 at the age of 12 and without knowing any English. Initially, his intention was to start a career in American football, although for different reasons he had to leave that dream behind, something that later led him to create his own online business as a personal trainer when he was just 19 years old.

In 2015, and with an enviable physique, Sam tried his luck in the world of fashion encouraged by one of his sisters. Everything was developing positively for him, becoming a frequent model for designer Michael Costello. After that big step, his next goal was to reach the cinema and television, only with a small (and lucky) stop in music videos. The Fifth Harmony group gave him that opportunity in "Work From Home", which was a success. 

As Asghari himself told in an interview with Men's Health magazine, he did not want to be pigeonholed in music videos but to make the leap to television. Months after that participation, in 2016, a friend of his convinced him to be part of another music video, although he did not tell him who it was. To Sam's surprise, the project was headed by Britney Spears herself for her song "Slumber Party." In the end, that simple work decision changed the lives of both the model and the singer.

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From romance to marriage

From then on, Sam and Britney had instant chemistry, chatting alone whenever they had a break between recordings and later exchanging text messages. The now couple made the relationship known in January 2017 after posting a photo on their social networks. Certainly, the love story had to face several obstacles, such as James Spears' constant management of Britney's life or the couple's age difference (he is 28 years old and she is 40).

Despite this, the relationship grew little by little to the point of living together in the artist's house. At that time, Sam became an emotional anchor for Britney, who had already begun her battle to get rid of her father's guardianship. Precisely in September 2021, a few months before obtaining that freedom, the singer made public her commitment to Sam after five years of dating, a decision that would not have been possible if James still had guardianship.

On June 9 Britney and Sam formalized their relationship with the "yes, I do". The ceremony was held with few guests (60 in total), where the entire Asghari family was invited; Mathew Rosengart, lawyer and great ally of Britney; plus some close friends like Madonna, Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore, Donatella Versace and Paris Hilton. The wedding took place at the couple's home in Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, under a pink velvet-covered marquee and a pop-princess-esque décor.

An episode to forget

Although everything looked perfect, an unpleasant problem arose during the ceremony. Britney's first husband, Jason Allen Alexander, burst into the house screaming and smashing. However, the police acted quickly and took him into custody, being accused of breaking and entering, vandalism and assault on the singer's security team. According to information from AFP, the judge issued the man a restraining order and a bail of 100,000 dollars.

The story between Britney and Jason happened in 2004, when they got married at a party in Las Vegas back then. However, the artist's parents put an end to that union 55 hours later with an annulment that they made her sign. And it is that as revealed by Jason himself in the podcast "Toxic: The Britney Spears Story", Britney's environment cut off all contact between the two after invalidating said marriage.

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