Carmel: the series of the most intriguing murder in Latin America

The murder of María Marta García Belsunce was a shocking event for Argentina.

Still from the series 'Carmel: Who Killed María Marta?'

The documentary miniseries premiered on Netflix and is already popular on the platform. / Photo: YT / Netflix

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Documentary series can be one of the great successes of content production companies. This happened, according to the Pura Verdad website, in Carmel: a docuseries of the most compelling police case in Latin America in recent years, which is already one of Netflix's trends and the “docuseries of the moment”.

The story of the intriguing murder of María Marta García Belsunce, which still has no resolution to date, turned thousands into detectives. In other words, it is a case that Argentines have been following for almost 20 years that still has no answer.

Therefore, upon seeing it, many of the users decided to raise their own questions or theories regarding the crime. The Pronto website reveals that there is a "fury in social networks", since many details are told, but there was still no absolute culprit. Therefore, we decided to see what are the causes of the success of Carmel on Netflix.

Carmel: a unique and totally captivating docuseries

It is clear that the series that shows the details of the murder of the woman is a sensation on the Netflix platform. Directed by Alejandro Hartmann, it attempts to shed light on many of the events that occurred in this 2002 case.

Historical perspective is one of the enormous strengths of this entire story. Even nearly 20 years after the crime, the case is reviewed from scratch, as if viewers did not know this story. In this way, we can judge the case with an unbiased perspective.

At the same time, the documentary pulls information from everyone involved in the case. The exceptions were the neighbor Nicolás Pachelo, the brother-in-law Guillermo Bártoli (who died in 2014), and the masseuse Beatriz Michelini. Hence, for La Nación, there is a "solid and precise journey through the police case that shocked the country."

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In Cronista they also believe that a large part of the success of this story occurs when, for the first time, unpublished material is revealed, interviews are conducted with suspects, and secrets are generated about the investigation itself. This causes the viewers to weave the story, through the information provided, without there being a perspective that judges the interviewees.

At the same time, it is a compelling story in narrative terms. In HobbyConsolas they say that there is a “good rhythm with which the documentary maintains tension and intrigue”, where attention to detail is present at every step. Therefore, it achieves its mission with a very attractive style, based on real events.

From Micropsia Cine they also argue that the crime was "covered by the media for months", occupying hours and hours of television programs. As it had never been possible to solve, dozens of books were released trying to decipher the enigmas, which is why, in this case, an attempt is made to put all the cards on the table so that the audience can draw their own conclusions.

For this reason, from Page 12 they indicate that there is so much information that the effort of the scriptwriters is significant. In addition, seeing the scenarios like never before implies generating new perspectives for a crime that needs justice, but which, for the moment, also serves as an information source for all Netflix subscribers.

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