This is how the NBA stars did in the draft

With the next NBA draft approaching, we decided to review how some of the current stars fared at this event .

James Harden, Giannis Ugo Antetokounmpo and

This was the performance of some NBA figures in the draft. / Photos: IG / jharden13, IG / giannis_an34, IG / jimmybutler

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The NBA draft is certainly a very exciting event. Every year, we have the opportunity to see the young prospects of the basketball world take their first steps in the most important league in the world. There is talk of draft busts (players who were chosen among the first and were not so good) and draft steals (players who were selected late and turned out to be diamonds in the rough) but the truth is that nobody can predict the future of these guys.

How did some of the current stars fare in their respective drafts? Here we tell you.

James harden

In the 2009 draft, the current Houston Rockets star and league top scorer was chosen in third place by the Oklahoma City Thunder, behind Blake Griffin (1) and Hasheem Thabeeet (2). He's not a low spot, so to speak, but considering the two players on him have had mediocre careers today, Harden should have be picked first. Down one of his university games.



Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, the best pitcher in NBA history , was chosen seventh in the same year as James Harden. Another MVP this year, Curry was ignored by six teams before finally being selected by the Golden State Warriors in one of the best decisions of the franchise. It is what it would be considered a draft steal. Why was he chosen so late? Scouts in the league thought that Curry didn't have the physique to compete in this league, and even around that time the 3-point shot was undervalued by both coaches and players alike. Down with his first game.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo

The dunk star, who makes professional players look like elementary school kids on the court, was the 15th player to be selected in the 2013 Draft by his current team, the Milwaukee Bucks. He is the quintessential draft steal, proving to be better so far in his career than the 14 players who came before him. Why did the teams ignored him at first? It turns out that he was an extremely thin teenager, who did not see much future. It surprised them all. Down with his first game.

Lebron James

Starting in 2003, James showed why he would be the best player in the league in the next decade. He was chosen first by the Cleveland Cavaliers because his ability was evident. Metta World Peace, a former laker, has commented that Lebron could have played in the league since he was 15 years old if he had been allowed to. Down with his first game.

Jimmy Butler

We come to the example of an extreme draft steal and that is Butler, the leader of the Miami Heat, who led them to the finals this year, was chosen as his 30th that year. That's right, twenty-nine players were signed before he landed on the Bulls. Truly, a player who broke all expectations on him. Down one of his college games.

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