Ciro Guerra is back in the Oscars

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The Colombian filmmaker was nominated for his latest production, Pájaros de Verano. Guerra has become the only Colombian to achieve these recognitions

Ciro Guerra is back in the Oscars

Pájaros de Verano, directed by Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego, has been pre-selected at the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscar Awards, one of the most important film festivals in the world based in Hollywood, USA. The film is pre-selected in the Best Foreign Film category along with 9 other films competing in the 91st edition to be held in February 2019. Among the favorites is Roma, a feature film that tells the story of a domestic employee in a family of Mexican middle class. Along with the Colombian one, they are the only Latin American films.

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Why Ciro Guerra returns to the Oscars?

It seems that Guerra found the formula to be taken IGNORE INTO account in one of the most important film festivals in the world. The Colombian filmmaker has focused on telling the culture of Colombia from different regions of the country with an impeccable cinematographic work and a team that he already fully trusts for his productions.

Pájaros de Verano is based on a true story of the "bonanza marimbera", a period of ten years (1975-1985), in which in the department of La Guajira several clans and families made large sums of money selling marijuana. This film tells the story of a family in particular and its rise in marijuana trafficking.

Prior to this film, Guerra had made El abrazo de la Serpiente, which tells the story of an expedition in the Colombian Amazon jungle, in which an Indian and an investigator embark on a trip together. It also shows the indigenous culture but this time from the other end of the country. This film was nominated in the same category as the 2016 Oscars.

 Before this production, Guerra already gave indices of his cinematographic work Los Viajes del Viento. This film follows the story of a particular juggler and the journey of his disciple to give the accordion to his teacher. Maybe Los viajes del viento would also have made it to the Academy Awards if the vallenato was more universal, since the most successful critics already saw in Guerra's work a talent for telling Colombian cultural stories impeccably taken to the seventh art.

The fact that Guerra has been nominated for the Oscar Awards in 2016 with El abrazo de la serpiente becomes the most important event in the history of Colombian cinema. Now, it is expected that the team of Pájaros de Verano can bring the statuette and thus overcome their previous production.

The film has already won the Fénix Iberoamerican Film Awards, where it won the awards for the best fiction feature film, original music, and actress, for the work of Carmiña Martínez.


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Translated from "Ciro Guerra de nuevo a los Premios Óscar"

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