Cultural Agenda: exhibitions and artistic exhibitions this week

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Here we tell you what are the exhibitions and artistic events that you can not miss

Cultural Agenda: exhibitions and artistic exhibitions this week

Unreal Model / Ideal Body by Mariana Savaso

Until next April 23 the exhibition Irreal Model / Ideal Body of Mariana Savaso will be in place, curated by María Lightowler in the Exhibition Hall of the Cinematographic Research Center (CIC) in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As the same portal publishes, the work is the result of the life experience of Savaso, who was raised in the fashion environment, and since she was a child she felt a lot of pressure linked to what she conceives as perfect in society. Mariana suffered from obesity, later bulimia, and consumed anorectics in order to fit into what society understands as "ideal body", according to the description of the CIC portal.

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Her experiences are retaken in the work to give other meanings to the concepts and criticize the impositions of beauty and fashion that are currently experienced. She also reflects on the distortion of the corporal. Within the exhibition, which is composed of objects, installations, and projection she adopts multiple formats and invites the public to reflect on the existing links between body, social mandates and those problems that are developed by the tense and conflictive relationship between these aspects. The exhibition has free admission.



Una publicación compartida de CIC (@cic_buenos_aires) el



Una publicación compartida de Mariana Savaso (@savasoexchiquitafalcon) el

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Art Week in Buenos Aires

With the aim of becoming the cultural center of Latin America, until next April 14, art takes Buenos Aires, Argentina. A large number of activities will characterize the day, this will include arteBA in its 28th edition, outdoor film screenings at the BAFICI, the Art Basel Cities talk show, exhibitions, events, and debates, among others. ArteBA, held from 11 to 14 April in La Rural, is the fair of contemporary art in which four hundred artists and eighty galleries belonging to thirty cities present their works. Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires started in 2017.

It will take place from April 12 to 14 and will bring together some forty speakers from different parts of the world who will represent, as the Infobae portal said, the diversity of voices of the academic, artistic and institutional community in order to generate debates that motivate critical thinking. Among those who will be participating are:

• The Japanese philosopher Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

• The German collector Enrico Bauer

• The Spanish Estrella de Diego who will participate in the master class of "Gender issues in contemporary art."

Among other activities.

This programming is unmissable in the City of Buenos Aires, full of culture and academy that you can not miss if you are interested in some of these topics related to art.



Una publicación compartida de arteBA (@artebafundacion) el



Una publicación compartida de arteBA (@artebafundacion) el


LatinAmerican Post | Ana María Aray Mariño

Translated from "Agenda Cultural: exposiciones y muestras artísticas de esta semana"

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