Did you watch them? These are the 10 most viewed Netflix original series

Make sure you are up-to-date and fashionable: these are the 10 most viewed Netflix original series in the history of the platform .

Still from 'Stranger Things', 'Sex Education' and 'When They See Us'.

Netflix has decided to publish the list of its most viewed productions. / Photos: youtube.com/Netflix

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Netflix does not like to flaunt it's numbers. It has always been a very reserved platform with its numbers, since part of its business is the algorithm which shows us the content we want. However, it has decided to make public this list of the ten most viewed original series in the history of the platform. According to the GQ review, to make this list, Netflix took the series that have been seen by viewers in at least 70% of the total episodes, so the loyalty of viewers is also measured. Here, then, are the most viewed series produced by the streaming giant, have you seen them all?


10. Elite

Country: Spain

Spectators: 20 million

There is no doubt that the Spanish series have been a success on Netflix, even in non-Spanish speaking countries. Such is the case of Élite, this suspense series that follows the lives of some rich boys in Spain who are involved in a new crime every season.


9. When they see us

Country: USA

Spectators: 25 million

Netflix has also been known to be concerned with creating audiovisual content that raises awareness of gender and race violence. This is the case in this dramatized series that follows a judicial false positive case against a group of young black men wrongly accused of rape in New York City.


8. Dead to me

Country: USA

Spectators: 30 million

It is a black comedy full of secrets in which two women become friends in the midst of one of them greiving for her husband. It was renewed immediately after the first season and the second season can now be seen on streaming.


7. Unbelievable

Country: USA

Spectators: 32 million

This is another Netflix effort to make gender violence visible in our society. A dramatized series that follows the case of a young woman raped in her apartment who was not believed at first.


6. Our planet

Country: Various

Spectators: 33 million

One of the most viewed at the time of its release, Our Planet is a documentary series that shows the most amazing places on our planet in contrast to the effects of climate change and pollution.

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5. Sex Education

Country: UK

Spectators: 40 million

A comedy that revolves around a boy who, taking advantage of the knowledge of his mother, a sexual therapist, gives sexual advice to his classmates at school. In the midst of this small business he starts, he will also have a sexual flourishing.


4. You

Country: USA

Spectators: 40 million

Addictive series about a stalker man who intrigues while scaring. Viewers were always waiting for the woman to realize that her new boyfriend was a psychopath.


3. The money house

Country: Spain

Spectators: 44 million

Another addictive series with a plot that intrigued so much that viewers continued to consume it as long as the seasons continued releasing. A group of marginal characters try to rob the Mint in Spain. Another Spanish series among the first places.


2. The Umbrella Academy

Country: USA

Spectators: 45 million

A comic book series which follows an academy of special boys who will have to save the world from its end. It is in its second season already.


1. Stranger things

Country: USA

Spectators: 64 million

This is the undisputed winner of this list and by far. This is the series that has been going on for several seasons of eighties nostalgia that follows a group of friends, including a girl who is the result of an experiment that will defend them against all the monsters that lie in wait for them.


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