Don’t miss these 5 HBO and Netflix releases

If you are addicted to watching series and you have nothing left to see, don't worry: in October some of the most anticipated releases of the year arrive.

Scene from HBO's 'Silicon Valley' series.

Scene from HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ series. / Taken from: Youtube.com/HBO

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Netflix and HBO are undoubtedly one of the most popular streaming platforms. On the one hand, Netflix created a whole trend of online transmission and that is why we are faithful to it. But on the other, HBO steals our hearts because we grew up watching their movies and now we can enjoy incomparable productions, such as Game of Thrones.

In October there will be new releases, some iconic and others that arrive after a long time of waiting for them. We collected the 5 premieres that we believe are the ones that will have us fascinated on the TV throughout October.

1. Silicon Valley

On October 27, the sixth and final season of Silicon Valley premiers on HBO, a series that, despite being fiction, has shown us a little more reality than we imagined.

A platform whose understanding of the algorithm is better than any other streaming platform. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Well now, to get even closer to reality, this last season that tells the story of the Pied Piper company and it will show how the company will face charges for privacy breach. After having become fond of the awkwardness of each of his characters, we will say goodbye to the series after these last 7 chapters.

2. Peaky Blinders

At last! After much waiting, we had been excited because we thought the new season would premiere in summer, on October 4 comes to Netflix Peaky Blinders. Although it was released on television since August, for Latin America our opportunity comes now.

After 5 seasons of Tom Shelby and his gang facing different gangs, not only from the United Kingdom but from all over the world, we will see what the 'f*cking Peaky Blinders' holds. At the end of the fourth season, with the death of Changretta they give us the clue that in this season we will see something more of the illegal markets of the drink with Al Capone. Will Al Capone be in charge of making Shelby's life miserable this season?

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What we do know is that Tom will have nothing easy to get out of and that the war he has armed will charge him dearly. For now, good news: it has already been confirmed that they are working in two more seasons. So we will have this gang for longer.

3. The House of Flowers

A year ago, this satirical series made us laugh for the exclusive dramas of Mexican novels. In this series, which portrays the typical stereotype of the wealthy Mexican family, each character brings with it a twisted story.

The De la Mora family lost the beloved flower shop of the matriarch and this season, Paulina, with her whims, and crazy things will have to recover it. Behind this story, a lot of humor, lies and, of course, a lot, but a lot of drama. He will arrive on Netflix on October 18 with new family controversies.

4. Watchmen

Everything that has to do with comics is understood to be a success. And after speculation and subsequent waiting time, the Watchmen series will be released for the first time on October 20, taken out of the comic with the same name, by HBO.

Although it will not be an exact adaptation of the graphic novel, the co-creator of the famous Lost series, and created from it, Damon Lindelof, promised us a rereading of the comic in another era, while maintaining elements and characters. Could it be that Lindelof can give us the pleasure we want in recreating this Anglo-American hero?

5. Breaking bad

I could dare to say that this is the most anticipated premiere of all. Breaking Bad is perhaps the favorite series of most viewers; could even enter to compete with Game of Thrones.

And it is that years after we saw that last iconic scene in which Heisenberg leaves, the movie now arrives: 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie', in which we see the resurrection of a defeated Jesse Pinkman. We can only see what trouble he will get into now that he doesn't have Walter White to save him. On October 11 we can enjoy it on Netflix or in selected cinemas.

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*Bonus: Mr. Robot

We could not leave Mr. Robot off the list, although it is part of the USA Network and not of these streaming platforms. This will be his fourth and final installment, so we will see Rami Malek for the last time in the role of Elliot, who gave him his Emmy and for which he became the renowned actor he is today.

With nostalgia, its creator Sam Esmail, said that he did not want it to end, but that the Elliot cycle came to an end. That is, if they followed it, they would be extending a meaningless story. Brave decision of Esmail! We will all miss that weird and antisocial Elliot. While we manage to digest the news, we will see piracy, blood, and many answers. Its premiere will be next Sunday, October 6.

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