Eccentricity took the Met Gala 2019

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Barbie, Cinderella, the phantom of the opera and even fast food were some of the inspirations of the big fashion houses in this edition of the Met Gala

Eccentricity took the Met Gala 2019

On the night of May 6, he witnessed the grand fashion event, the Met Gala, a charity gala that takes place every first Monday in May at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. As expected, fashion houses and celebrities seek to be the center of attention with the most exotic and well-produced costumes. Year after year, the guests take advantage to exploit the subject one hundred percent, and they are epic dresses for the world of fashion.

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This year the subject was precisely that. The Camp concept, which pretends to be exaggerated, allowed its assistants to exploit even more the creativity of the designers, something that is done every year. Thus, Camp, Notes on fashion, becomes the most precise way to explain what is supposed to be this fashion show: the eccentric, the unique, the bizarre.

The dinner that takes place inside the Met is challenging to see, except the occasional guest who publishes what happens inside the gala. Same as the exhibition, which the first days after the event is not yet open to the public, although it opens today, May 8.

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What we have left to the spectators is the incredible carpet, in this case, pink, by which each of the guests makes an appearance to show us their looks. Also, during this carpet not only happen to the paparazzi take photos, but some seek to make a triumphal entry, as did Lady Gaga, one of the hostesses. The eccentric singer, you could say that a woman who embodies the essence of Camp, made an entry that had 4 changes of clothes, mixed between the fuchsia and black and made a performance.

As expected, Camp was a burst of colors, glitters, feathers, shoulder pads and, yes, a lot of styles. And it is that Gucci as a sponsor could not expect anything less. Alessandro Michele, head of this fashion house, had the important mission to stand out among the other fashion houses to be the sponsor, especially with co-host Harry Styles. However, he did not bring Camp to his highest expression, as he did last year at the Heavenly Bodies exhibition.

Yes, his creativity exploded in Jared Leto, who is his muse every year. This year, with the bizarre as the protagonist, Leto took as an accessory his red suit and full of bright crystals, a replica of his head.


Una publicación compartida de Gucci (@gucci) el

It is customary in this gala to see two types of outfits, especially in women. The first one is the dresses or suits totally according to the theme of the exhibition but "simple" (to the extent that it can be simple in this event). The second, characteristic of designers like Jeremy Scott of Moschino with his muse Katy Perry, who transcends the limits -if Camp has limits-, and the suits, totally stylized, become a kind of disguises that communicate even more than the Fashion itself

In general, the designers who reign in this carpet vary in these two types of outfits. That is, not all of Moschino's clothes are as creative as Katy Perry. Usually, they use their muses to create the riskiest attire and create others of more stylistic type for others of their models.

These were some of the most Camp looks that this Met Gala left us

Lady Gaga, dressed in Brandon Maxwell, not only wore a beautiful Camp outfit, but she did a performance in which she was undressing little by little. Perhaps, showing how changeable fashion is, and camp.


Una publicación compartida de Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) el

Katy Perry had two outfits, both from Moschino. The first, in which she passed through the pink carpet, was a bright short dress with lights. So far it sounds a little eccentric but nothing significant. But it was a chandelier. That's right; Perry was a walking candlestick. His second suit, which he used for the after party, was a hamburger.


Una publicación compartida de Moschino (@moschino) el

Ezra Miller was dressed in Burberry and was, undoubtedly, the masterpiece of Riccardo Tisci. The Phantom of the opera inspired all his costume, and in his hand, he wore a mask. But also, in the upper part of his face, he had 7 eyes that created an optical illusion.


Una publicación compartida de Burberry (@burberry) el

Kacey Musgraves, the American singer, was dressed as Barbie. With a pink suit, pink glasses, blond hair and a pink convertible entrance, such as Barbie, represented the collection of this doll that is part of the house Moschino.


Una publicación compartida de Moschino (@moschino) el

Kylie and Kendall Jenner, although not as eccentric in their outfits as other guests, no doubt called attention to the colors they used and their always imposing presence. Both dressed in Versace, which stood out in this gala for their colorful outfits, wore a purple dress (Kylie) and an orange (Kendall), bright and full of feathers.


Una publicación compartida de Kylie (@kyliejenner) el

Finally, although not the most extravagant, the queen of the gala: Anna Wintour, dressed in Chanel, designed by the late Karl Lagerfeld. Her pink dress was the perfect blend of elegance and eccentricity. With feathers and bright, the editor of Vogue and organizer of this event, stood out in the middle of the carpet wearing the same color of the dress.



Una publicación compartida de Anna Wintour (@wintourworld) el


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