‘El Camino’: the movie that Breaking bad deserves

The film tells a simple and at the same time a profound story, which does justice to Breaking Bad's universe and is an intelligent sample of cinema made with care and respect for the original story.

Scene from the movie 'The Road: A Breaking Bad Movie'.

Scene from the movie ‘The Road: A Breaking Bad Movie’. / Photo: Youtube.com/NetflixLatinoamerica

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The film shows that good stories can have well-made sequels; more so in this case, if the film narrates the release and destiny of one of the characters – Jesse Pinkman (yeah, bitch!) – who suffered the most and was one of the most beloved characters by the public. For a couple of hours, we witness the path taken by the protagonist to free himself from a terrifying past that left his life upside down.

It is the search for that tranquility that Pinkman could not have with Walter White (also known as Heisenberg) during the six seasons that the series lasted. In other words, he leaves the past to build a clear future. That is why it is a fair and deserved end, and also a great gift for all fans.

There are three things to highlight in the film: the first is the precise reconstruction of a universe that had ended six years ago, in which the same director immerses us again as if time had not passed.

'El Camino' built its plot on the last chapter of the series and from there, it narrates what happened immediately after. There are no lapses, gaps or flash-forwards to history, Pinkman still has his scars and remains in the deplorable state in which the series ended. As if we had only paused to continue the story right away.

It is remarkable in the cinematographic universe since not everyone achieves it impeccably. Following a story years after completion should not be easy, among other things for the development of the plot that has the challenge of being as successful or more than the previous one, and for the characterization of the same characters, now less young.

The second thing that I emphasize is the management of the scenery and space, perfectly integrated into the shots and the sequences. Throughout the film, we find compositions and landscapes very well achieved, in which every detail has been taken care of. As if they had made an architectural model, the buildings, the streets, the urban landscapes, the objects, and even the characters form a perfectly balanced composition. And, being faithful to the spirit of classic western that characterized the series, 'El Camino' gives us some impressive shots in New Mexico, which look like pictures to hang in the room.

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The film also gives us a spectacular sequence when Jesse desperately searches for the money stall in Todd's apartment; The camera shows the aerial view, as an architectural plant that gives us a context of space and the magnitude of what is happening. We see Jesse here and there, moving through many places at the same time. Vince Gilligan becomes an architect in every sense of the word and, although his work is not a tangible structure if he shows it prominently in the conception and construction of the architectural space.

The third aspect to highlight are the appearances, as a flashback, of some of the most beloved characters in the series, including a good scene with Bryan Cranston. They are made to the right extent to keep pace with the story and add depth and argument to Jesse's situation at the end of the series. And, although some of these seem irrelevant, in the end, Gilligan gives his fans everything they want and more. Because that's what series like Breaking Bad generate: cult. And worship implies that the more we know, the better. Jesse manages to embark on a new life, a new path, and everyone is calm.

Was the appearance of all the characters necessary? Maybe not. Was the movie necessary? It may not be … But it is very well received, with some nostalgia and a sense of justice for a character who stole the heart of the audience for years. Justice as a tribute, “with the little help of my friends”.

Vince Gilligan has done it again. 'The Way' is the epilogue that Breaking bad deserved.

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