Emmy 2021: What Productions Can be enjoyed on Apple TV +?

Apple TV+ was one of the great winners at the recent Emmy Awards. Here we recommend several of his productions that you cannot miss.

Still from the series 'Ted Lasso'

Although it does not have a catalog as wide as others, since its debut in November 2019 it has not stopped releasing high-quality productions for all ages. Photo: YT-Apple TV

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The era of streaming platforms is here to stay. In addition to those recognized as Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, or Disney +, one of the services that are giving the most to talk about is Apple TV +. Although it does not have a catalog as wide as others, since its debut in November 2019 it has not stopped releasing high-quality productions and for all ages, since investors are betting heavily to create exclusive content with them.

If you are wondering what Apple TV + offers compared to the others, the answers range from the cheapness of its subscription, $ 5 a month, to the variety of its promotions. In the latter, the three free months of the platform stand out once you acquire any device of the brand. Likewise, Apple TV + is part of Apple One, which groups three other services in the same monthly subscription: iCloud, Apple Arcade, and Apple Music (with the student plan you can get Apple TV + for free).

On the other hand, it should be noted that during the recent Emmy Awards ceremony, Apple TV + was one of the most awarded platforms of the night. With this irruption in the world of streaming, the company takes a great leap in quality that places it in the eyes of the hundreds of major names in Hollywood. And it is that the simple fact of being awarded in one of the most important galas in the world of cinema and television means earning the respect and trust that very few have in the industry.

Apple TV +: a different and original world

Series, movies, shows, documentaries, cartoons. The world on Apple TV + is as varied as it is full of quality. If you are one of the lucky ones who has the service and you don't know what to see, or on the contrary, you want to buy it and you still have doubts, here we recommend several must-see productions that you will find exclusively on this streaming platform.

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"Ted Lasso"

With 9 Emmy nominations and 4 awards, this comedy series is the Most Valuable on Apple TV +. The plot follows a football coach from the United States who travels to the United Kingdom to lead a London football team. Although at first glance it seems like another comic sports series, the reality is that the charisma of actor Jason Sudeikis makes Ted a character full of optimism, fun and bright throughout the story.

"The Morning Show"

Seeing Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star in a drama series together is reason enough to keep an eye on "The Morning Show." Here we will closely follow what is happening behind the world of the morning news, where ego, ambition, and excess power are part of the routine of those who are in front of the cameras. Jennifer and Reese's characters will fight to become relevant journalists without missing a job rivalry between them.

"Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry"

If you are one of those who love documentaries, and also music, this production directed by RJ Cutler and with Billie Eilish as the main figure will surely delight you. Here we will witness the creative evolution of the singer as she composed her first album, winner of five Grammy Awards. In addition, we will see his most intimate, rebellious, and motivating side, also showing us that every life story is capable of fulfilling dreams and achieving redemption.


Among the most recent feature films, "Palmer" stands out for not being one of the typical ones full of clichés, but for its way of carrying out a thoughtful and interesting message. The protagonist of the film is Justin Timberlake, who plays an ex-convict, Eddie Palmer, who returns home after spending 12 years in prison for attempted murder. Little by little, his intense character will calm down when it is his turn to take charge of Sam, a boy dissatisfied with his gender.


In addition to being one of the current references of psychological terror, M. Night Shyamalan is also part of the production of this series. As a warning we must say that it is not suitable for claustrophobics, since its intention to create a macabre and anguishing atmosphere is more than achieved. The story follows a couple mourning the death of their newborn baby, but what will actually catch more than one are secrets and traumas that become quite creepy.


We could not close these recommendations without naming one of the most anticipated series on Apple TV + and which will premiere on September 24. Science fiction fans will fully enjoy this production based on the novel by the famous writer Isaac Asimov and which also has certain "Dune" and "Star Wars" airs. In short, history will introduce us to a band of exiles who will have to travel through space to try to save humanity and rebuild what remains of civilization after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

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