Everything we know about Vikings: Valhalla

The long-awaited sequel to the main Vikings story already has some interesting information. Let's see what we know .

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Combining true history with fiction can sometimes be really commercially successful. This is what happened with Vikings, which, the SocialEtic medium stands out as one of the “best series on the History Channel”, because it has a realistic touch, but at the same time it takes licenses with respect to what happened in real life.

The main story had a huge reception, although it is already coming to an end. According to the specialized medium of Seriepolis, the sixth season will be "the end of the story", which is why many of the fans will want to continue exploring some similar plots, although on a different series.

Against this background, the ComputerHoy website highlighted that Vikings: Valhalla had been announced, the new spin-off series that will seek to captivate the audience that tries to explore alternative history. Let's see, then, everything that is known to date about this new series with a historical and fictional trend.

All about Vikings: Valhalla

The first thing to keep in mind is that, as stated in the specialized website of Zona Red, it will be a sequel to the original story. Unlike spin-offs that try to portray the beginnings of some of the most iconic characters, the idea is that it is set 100 years after those events.

At the same time, this is reinforced in what Los Andes mentions, saying that Norse mythology is "conquering streaming." That is to say, there is a huge interest on the part of the spectators to know some of the stories based on distant ages, with cultural customs very different from the current ones.

As for the synopsis, we know that, as stated on the Espinof website, the history of the most famous Vikings that ever existed will be followed . We talk about Leif Erikson, Freydís Eiríksdóttir, Harald Harada and King William the Conqueror, all while witnessing the advances in civilization that are happening throughout Europe.

According to what the Bola Vip website reports, this whole story will reach small screens in 2021, when the basic story created by Michael Hirst has finished. The idea, then, is that the end of the Viking age can be portrayed, something that could not be seen in the original series, through a war between the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian raiders.

At the same time, we will have some changes in direction. From Mega Noticias they report that the series will not be written by the aforementioned Michael Hirst, but will be carried out by Jeb Stuart. However, Hirst will be involved, trying to keep some elements of the original series.

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One of the main aspects will be to maintain the prominence and charisma of some of the most iconic characters from the original series. Such is the case of Floki or Ragnar Lodbrok, whose death meant a before and after for the franchise, in the sense that he was a fan favorite and could never be replaced.

At the moment, we will most likely not see the characters in the base story, because it will be set in a period in which they will all be dead. However, being so important in the story, they are sure to be mentioned and there will be a host of winks that fans will love.

As for the number of chapters that it will have, from the specialized IndieHoy media they speak of about 24 episodes, dividing that amount into two seasons. At the same time, although the same bloody and warrior tone of the previous stages will be maintained, this series will mean an end point for the history of the Vikings, who will probably end "extinct" at the end of the plot.

Finally, from Minuto Neuquén they highlight that, unlike Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla will land directly on Netflix. This is spectacular news for fans, because they will not have to wait for the company to insert it into the catalog, that is, after it is broadcast on television. Next year, then, we will see how the details of this spin off that excites fans are revealed.


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