Falling in Love With the Algorithm: Best Human-Android Love Movies

Regarding the Premiere of "I´m Your Man" we recommend other films that deal with the love between humans and androids.

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"I´m Your Man" is already on the billboard, a film that portrays one of the many perspectives that exist on the relationship between a human and an android. Maria Schrader's film (Unorthodox) is the new proposal from the director who, thanks to the success of her work on Netflix, now presents us with this interesting story. Regarding the film, we also review other works with a similar theme that you cannot leave out of your list.

Ich bin dein Mensch, Maria Schrader

"El Hombre Perfecto", in Latin America, tells us the story of Dr. Alma Felser (Maren Eggert) who, in search of funds for her research as an archaeologist, agrees to participate in an experiment: she must live for three weeks with an android that will be in a evaluation to decide whether or not these robots are suitable for coexistence with humans. Tom (Dan Stevens) is not just any robot, he is one designed to become the "perfect man", which is why Alma has a hard time interacting with him, because although at times she is almost convinced of his humanity, she always ends up remembering that it's more than a programmed machine, or at least that's what she thinks. Interacting with Tom will allow you to break down your prejudices about robots and at the same time better understand human needs.

Does the future reach us?

"I´m Your Man" is a romantic perspective on the love between robots and humans, it is an incredible reflection on the scope of the growing industry of robots and artificial intelligence. At a time when questions revolve around the dangers represented by technological advances, this work arises that makes us think about emotions and the relationship that robots will have with humans in the future beyond their practical utility. Things that have been raised in literature and cinema for more than a century are slowly beginning to materialize, surely you have read about the boy whose finger was broken by a robot in a game of chess, or about Sophia, the intelligent robot artificial and who is capable of giving interviews. If weddings with holograms already exist, it is a matter of time before a robot can become the perfect match for people, with all the social, psychological and ethical implications that this entails. With regard to this discussion, we leave some titles that deal with the subject and that may interest you.

"Mechanical Love", Phie Ambo

This Danish documentary follows people in Asia and Europe as they relate to robots, both the creator and the users of them. It is interesting to know the impact that robots have on people's lives, who try to fill some void in their lives through them. The director emphasizes the lack of love that some of the users suffer.

"Blade Runner", Ridley Scott

One of the great films of the 20th century, in it we follow Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) in his work as a hunter of "replicants", that is, androids, which are prohibited on earth. The problem is that technology has advanced so much that it is very difficult to distinguish them from real humans, this creates a crossroads for those, like Rick, dedicated to stopping them. The struggle of the "replicants" to be accepted is an interesting reflection that made it a classic, especially that of Roy Batty, played by Rutger Hauer.

"Bicentennial Man", Chris Columbus

Played by Robin Williams, who plays an android who admires human life and begins a personal process in which he ends up "turned" into one. However, with the passage of time, the man realizes that not everything is easy in the fact of being human, finding negative things that are amplified by being a robot, since he faces the loss of loved ones and the bitter immortality.

"Her", Spike Jonze

Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is a man with difficult personal relationships, but everything changes when he meets Samantha, an artificial intelligence with whom he communicates only through voice. Over time, Theodore deepens his relationship with her. However, he is not fully aware that he is someone who does not physically exist and who has not thought about what kind of future they aspire to.

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"Ex Machina", Alex Garland

Do robots have desires and needs? "Ex Machina" presents it to us through the relationship between AVA, an android, and Caleb, a programmer. Caleb meets AVA while working on evaluating her abilities, but the relationship goes beyond professional and AVA's apparent humanity begins to attract the programmer. Thus, Caleb will find a way to help AVA go out into the real world with him, since she says that this is her greatest wish.

"EVA", Kike Maillo

Spanish film starring Daniel Brühl, who plays Álex. This character receives from his brother and his wife the challenge of creating a robot with the shape (and thought) of a child. In the process of learning about childhood, his relationship with EVA, his niece, will make him understand more deeply aspects of humanity, rather than robots. Although the relationship that this film raises is not in terms of a couple, it does reflect on other types of affective relationships that may exist in the future with technology.

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