Fanny packs come back to make our life easier

We can no longer resist the classic accessory of the 80s. The fanny packs are renewed and ready to stay

Fanny packs come back to make our life easier

In the years of the 1980s the fanny pack, kangaroo, or belt pack, was fashionable. In this colorful time, the fanny pack was an accessory that served to combine with different clothes. Then, during the 90s and the 2000s, we resisted this accessory. Comedy series ridiculed the use of the fanny pack and became a shameful item.

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Now it has returned renewed and with new forms to be used. It has ceased to be a garment without dignity and makes our life easier and more practical. This is another fashion imposed by the Kardashian sisters, especially by Kendall, who does not take off now from his fanny pack. Here we show you when and how you can use it.

Why the fanny pack?

This is a very versatile accessory that can be used in many contexts and that brings many benefits. It began as a sports garment that left hands free and that served to store accessories that could be used in the practice of some sports such as skiing. In this sense, you can use it to go to the gym or to go jogging, it will not hinder the practice of sports and facilitates the loading of accessories that are used in sports.

Another use that is usually given to the fanny pack is travel. This accessory is perfect for having personal documents at hand that may be needed several times during a trip. It also serves to distribute the weight of what is normally loaded in the bag and that falls all on one shoulder. Thus, the kangaroo is perfect to go out sightseeing and get to know the city.

A new use that brings this new trend is the use in parties. It is perfect to load some money and cosmetics. The new styles and ways of wearing the fanny pack allow this accessory to work with formal or casual attire, making it perfect to match the party outfit. It can sometimes even function as a belt. The kangaroo, in addition, allows taking the belted belongings to the body, which gives more security in the public transport and in the places with great multitudes.

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How to use it?


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The fanny pack, which previously had only one way to use it -in the hip- comes back with other ways of wearing it. One is at the waist, like a belt. In this way, the fanny pack will not only be a practical item but also complement the outfit. To be used in this way, it is advisable to start with colors that combine with everything: black, white, denim blue or military green. Thus, it can be combined with garments of different colors.


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Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have imposed the tendency to use the crossed kangaroo. In this way, the fanny pack will not look like a small belly, which is why many made fun of this accessory, but rather as a backpack. This garment, in addition to being unisex, opens the way for men, (who do not usually use bags), can also carry their things in a comfortable way and with their hands-free.


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Finally, the fanny pack can be used under other garments that are open. Thus, there is more security when it comes to carrying valuable things and does not invade so much the outfit that is worn. This, in addition, prevents shirts and jackets from getting wrinkled by carrying the fanny pack on top. The fanny pack, then, has been reinvented and comes with great force, to the point of dragging other trends with it. It's time for this accessory to stop being taboo and for you to lose your fear, take a chance!

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