Fathers who conquered the big and small screen

As a tribute to the parents in their month, we make a count of those fictional characters who give all for their family.

Still from 'Game of Thrones' and 'No refunds'

We bring you a list of those dads who managed to conquer the big and small screen. Photos: YT-Stark, YT-NoSeAceptanDev

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It is no secret to anyone that film and television have reflected much of reality through unique and moving characters. Beyond being fictional productions, the true essence is in the messages that adapt to our day to day life and that make us identify with the story. In fact, if there is a figure that should never be missing, it is that of a father.

As part of the celebrations for his day, we have prepared a list of those dads who managed to conquer the big and small screen. Although they have different qualities, there is something in common between them and those who live in everyday life: the family.

Bryan Mills, in "Taken"

The overprotective. He is surely the most dangerous father in cinema, because if we remember Bryan Mills has a series of skills that very few have. This is the father figure who always cares about the safety of his children, taking care of every step they take so that nothing bad happens to them.

Liam Neeson, the actor who brings the character to life, has two sons: Micheál, who is also an actor, and Daniel, who is a businessman.

Rick Grimes, on "The Walking Dead"

The bravest. And that's certainly a quality that should prevail when faced with a zombie apocalypse. Rick was able to overcome each of the obstacles that crossed his path to keep together and alive the group of survivors that he was a part of with his wife and children.

The dedication and commitment that Andrew Lincoln injected into his character made him one of the most beloved people on television in recent years. To this day, the Briton has a son and a daughter: Arthur and Matilda.

Chris Gardner, in "The Pursuit of Happyness"

The one who does not stop fighting. Chris is an individual who is in the most difficult moment of his life, but who works hard and faith goes forward with his little son to get their paths straight.

Will Smith's performance was so phenomenal that more than one person empathized with the character. In real life, the American actor has three children: Jaden, Willow and Trey.

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Walter White, in "Breaking Bad"

The inexhaustible worker. Although many think otherwise, Walter White could not be left out of this list as one of the best parents on the small screen. If we put aside the illegal acts that he committed, the main motive for his actions is to give the best to his family before his death.

This Bryan Cranston face earned him hundreds of accolades and awards, but some will recall that he was also a very quirky dad in "Malcolm in the Middle." The Californian actor is the father of Taylor Dearden Cranston, an actress who is slowly making her way into this industry.

Ray Gaines, in "San Andreas"

The one who can do everything. Ray's profile is certainly one of the most admiration we could feel since he is a rescuer. The hard work that he does every day places him as one of the people we should be close to in the event of a catastrophe. His intelligence, strength, and ability to have a solution to everything are not unrealistic either.

In both film and real life, Dwayne Johnson is capable of many facets. Jump skyscrapers, fight crime and even be a dedicated stepfather. The actor has three children: Simone, Jasmine, and Tiana.

Tywin Lannister, in "Game of Thrones"

The leader of the family. Tywin is an unforgiving and cold man, who puts the respect and benefit of his own before anything else. For many, he is the antagonist of the series, but in reality, he is a tough and serious father who puts his principles above everything. Being aware of his position and the world around him made him a feared and admired character.

Charles Dance, the actor who plays it, attracts applause from locals and strangers. The spectacular career of this English actor, screenwriter, and director earned him the Order of the British Empire in 2006. At 74, he is the proud father of Rebecca, Oliver, and Rose.

Valentin Bravo, in "No Returns Accepted"

The one who loves unconditionally. Sometimes someone has to come into your life to make a 180-degree turn and thus know qualities that you yourself did not know. This happened to Valentín, who overnight had to risk his life to take care of his daughter, conceived by a woman from his past and who decided to abandon her. This father was able to put his fears in the background to demonstrate the bravery and courage that only his little girl's eyes saw.

The incredible performance of Eugenio Derbez touched the hearts of millions of people, making this film also the highest-grossing in Mexico. The Mexican comedian and producer is the father of actress Aislinn, fellow actors Vadhir and José Eduardo, as well as a six-year-old girl named Aitana.

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