Feid, A New Icon Of the Urban Genre?

Composer, producer, and singer, Feid is one of the most famous names in the urban movement today. In this profile, we tell you more about his career and if he will become another music icon, regarding the release of his new album.


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Getting started in the urban genre and not getting lost along the way is a difficult task to accomplish. More and more artists are emerging from that world with the idea of becoming the next musical icon, although their first steps were not precisely in singing. Feid is a recent example that any songwriter or producer can become a successful singer if they put their minds to it.

Salomón Villada Hoyo is also known artistically as Ferxxo, and at 30 years of age he is already a respected character in the urban movement. His first contact with music happened through the courses he took at the University of Antioquia, something similar to Karol G, a countrywoman with whom he has shared the stage, and songs and, according to rumors, maintains a secret relationship.

From the beginning, Feid dedicated himself fully to composing songs for other singers, since writing his own stories or those of his friends came quite naturally to him. After joining Sky Rompiendo, one of the best Colombian reggaeton producers today , he had the opportunity to work for established artists such as Maluma, Sebastián Yatra and Nicky Jam. In this way, he was already taking his first big step in the music industry.

His talent behind the pencil made millions of people enjoy world hits, although most did not know that he was one of those masterminds. How many of us don't sing "Ginza" and "Sigo Extrañíante" by J Balvin, "Secretos" by Reykon, or "Mamita" by CNCO? We owe all those songs to Feid.

Composing and producing for the best exponents of reggaeton in Colombia was just one more step in his young career. Born in Medellín, he knew that he had the potential to become an interpreter as well, so he ventured without knowing that his excellent work would take him to world stardom years later. In 2015 he made his debut with "Morena", a single dedicated to women that moves away from the typical stereotypes of reggaeton. This, in the end, earned him recognition both in his country and in other corners of Latin America.

From then on, Ferxxo did nothing but take off and go up like foam. A year after signing his contract with Universal Music, in 2016, he released his first studio album " Así Como Suena ", which led him to strengthen his working relationship with J Balvin by inviting him for the song " Qué Raro ", in addition to transferring borders with "911" in collaboration with the Venezuelan Nacho. The new urban music singer from Colombia was already going strong.

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The new reference of reggaeton in Colombia

Between 2019 and 2020 he released two new albums that established him in the urban genre as a performer. The successful sales of "19" gave him a platinum record and his first Latin Grammy nomination. While with "Ferxxo (Vol. 1: MOR)" he was among the 20 albums of the Top Latin Billboard, in addition to two other Grammy nominations and one for the Premio Juventud. During that time, the songs "Fresh Kerias" (with Maluma), "Borraxxa" (with Manuel Turizo), and "Porfa" (with J Quiles) were a success on all music platforms.

By now, Feid's unique style was something he already had in his songs. It wasn't just simple reggaeton, but also a mix of R&B arrangements, trap, and quite elaborate lyrics. His idea was to eliminate those prejudices against the expressions that did not let love and romance be seen through the language of "the street".

Subsequently, in a short time, he published two new studio works: "Bahía Ducati" and "Inter Shibuya: La mafia". Both were positioned among the most listened to in Colombia on Spotify, even surpassing the barrier of 200 million reproductions. Feid had already created a space for himself in the urban genre and his collaborations with artists such as Zion & Lennox, De La Ghetto, Ñejo, Dálmata, Eladio Carrión, and Mora placed him at the peak of success.

Of course, not everything has been due solely to his talent, because thanks to those collaborations with other exponents served to give his career an extra boost. Hence songs like "Ultra Solo Remix" (ft. Polimá Westcoast and Pailita), "Friki" (ft. Karol G), "La Inocente" (ft. Mora), "Monastery" (ft. Ryan Castro) or the most recent "Pantysito" (ft. Alejo and Robi) are references to modern reggaeton.

But it hasn't all been good news for Feid. In this 2022, his most recent album "Happy Birthday Ferxxo" was pirated on the internet months before its release, something that forced him to advance its release to mid-September. With all that, the Colombian took the news positively on his social networks, since he is in the best moment of his musical career.

Feid and the key to his success

Not all artists in the world are capable of taking a leap of faith in their careers, but Salomón chose Feid (Faith, faith in English) as his stage name for a reason. The competition in the urban genre is usually quite close and therefore the interpreters must look for ways to differentiate themselves from the rest. The key to its success stems from there since it separated itself from the Puerto Rican lexicon to add its Colombian essence.

His uncomplicated and fresh personality brought him closer to the people, who over time noticed the use of typical words of the region such as chimbita, nea or parce in the songs. Feid was not one of the crowd, but rather part of the culture and a benchmark in the city. His figure and musical style led him to create an identity that began to transcend social strata.

But despite the fact that some criticize him because all his songs sound the same, it should not be overlooked that he has an innate talent and musical versatility like no other. From romantic and sensual songs to hard twerking, his potential to compose, produce and perform have no limits. Today, we can assure you that Feid is the spearhead of the urban genre, and that he will not tire until he takes his Colombian and Latin identity to global levels.

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