FILBo 2021: How does a Virtual Book Fair Work?

The Bogotá International Book Fair opened its website from August 6 to 22.

Corridor of the Bogota Book Fair, 2015

The digital platform offers three moments during the day, in which you can enjoy the literature exhibitions. Photo: Archive

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Regarding the beginning of the International Book Fair of Bogotá, Colombia opens a digital space to access a great experience . The digital platform offers three moments during the day, in which you can enjoy the literature exhibitions. This experience includes an area exclusively dedicated to various dynamic activities for boys, girls and young people. In addition, the arrival of a rich and varied different culture makes conferences, forums and other events have a unique essence.

On the other hand, technology and logistics were linked with a diversity of professionals from Colombia and Sweden. The invited Nordic country and the organizing country wanted to represent a point where different actors converge to interact and connect with professionals. That is why the Bogota Book Fair offers a unique virtual reality to the visitors.


A different option for independent publishers

This initiative that has been created because og the COVID-19 pandemic deserves recognition by all. Trade shows are a new and innovative option for independent publishers. That is why they share some recommendations in the world of technology and digitality. The virtual version turned out to be an interactive meeting space in the cloud. The authors and publishers show the editorial catalog as a great effort and achievement of their career .

On the other hand, artists and publishers link and expand the scope of their works with the virtual platform. Online programming will be available to the user for 17 days . In addition, there will be more than 400 digitized events with national and international exhibitors.

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Sweden: host of the Bogotá Book Fair spaces

FILBO, in its 33rd edition, emphasizes the "Sweden: Sustainable Partner" slogan . This link between the two countries represents two years of hard work. According to its official website, Sweden incorporates these three areas:

  • Classics of Sweden: it meddles in literary, musical and cinematographic subjects.
  • Sweden Transforms: focuses on the leadership force in content innovation, sustainability, gender equality, transparency and democracy.
  • Lagom; invoke balance, moderation, and the perfect amount.

On the other hand, more than 390 attendees in different disciplines will participate in the fair . It will also feature renowned actors, such as Irene Vallejo, Ana Pessoa, María Fernanda Ampuero, Mónica Ojeda, David Quammen, Daniele Aristarco, among others.

Indeed, the digital age becomes the key moment for international literature fairs. According to the Bookwire 2020 report, digital book sales have break records. This study called "Evolution of the digital market (ebooks and audiobooks) in Spain and Latin America" reflects the behavior of this digital content and current trends. The research saw a considerable increase in ebook sales. In 2017 they evaluated an increase of 52%, in 2018 they reached 57% and for 2019 a 35% more compared to the previous year .


What are the most outstanding events of the Bogotá Book Fair?

FILBO 2021 offers several categories for various audiences, for example children, professional, cultural and literary, among which the following stand out:

  • Professionals: The best event is called "public policies for the publishing and bookseller sector in times of pandemic: the case of the pacific alliance." In this space, different solutions provided by bookstores in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico will be announced. Programming for August 17.
  • Kids: The most outstanding events is "the poor old woman stands out: in a sheet infinite fits". In this lesson, the old woman invites the children to be nature-observing adults. Programming for August 18.
  • Literary: "The editor talks about the publishing process and its authors" invites you to have a coffee in the morning with a creative writing of the authors. Programming for August 20.
  • Cultural: The best event is “women in the Viking world”. The presentation is made with images of funeral remains of 3 Viking women. Programming on August 22, to bid farewell to the Bogota Book Fair.

Ultimately, the goal is to inspire and connect Colombian women and men to make memorable exchanges.

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