Guide to Choose the Best Streaming Audio Platform

Streaming audio platforms have experienced progressive growth in recent years. That is why it is necessary to know them to know which option best suits your needs.

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According to a study by Midia Research, close to 616 million people in the world pay to subscribe to streaming music platforms. In this market, diversity is not limited to music, there is also space for podcasts, conferences, and audiobooks in some cases. The truth is that there are more and more people in this universe, and they have several options to choose from.

In terms of prices and subscriptions, most have similar rates and plans for their operation. Each user has the possibility of selecting between scope due to the breadth of the catalog, diversity of functions or audio quality. Here are some of the top audio platforms, so you know how to pick the one that's right for you.


It is currently the most popular audio platform. Although its forte continues to be the extensive musical catalog it has, since almost all artists turn to it for its reach, it has also opened a valuable space for the podcast. For example, "Case 63" from fiction or "A Fondo" with María Jimena Duzán, in non-fiction, are produced by the platform and have achieved success in Latin America. It manages free plans with ads, and paid plans for students, individuals, and families.


The French company is one of Spotify's main competitors. They have a similar subscription operation. Among the main differences is that it has a shorter range catalog. However, it has a plus that sets it apart from its competition, and it is the HiFi, better known as hi-fi sound. For those who are suspicious of sound quality, this option is more viable.

Apple Music

It's a mix of the competition's attributes. It is complemented by having an important audio quality, exclusive releases and a wide reach in its catalog for music and podcasts. Another valuable addition to this platform is that it is the one with the greatest compatibility over the others. This is because it goes in harmony with Apple devices, which in some cases does not go with the others platforms.

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Like Deezer, it has its greatest attribute in sound quality. Among its functions, it is unique for having songs with Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio. In addition, it has had exclusive releases by significant artists, especially in rap with Jay-Z, Lil Wayne or in R&B with Beyoncé. It also has podcasts in its repertoire, but it is mainly focused on a musical field.

Youtube Music

With respect to the competition, it is one of the weak ones in audio quality. It also has a free modality like most and subscription plans with benefits such as avoiding commercials and downloading music. Its main attribute is concerned with having music videos that accompany the listening experience and a feature called radio, in which it searches for songs similar to those being heard in real time. At the moment, its shortcoming is that it does not have a podcast section.


Its boom occurred during the past decade because it was the digital platform par excellence for emerging artists. Its impact was so strong that it came to be considered as a subgenre in rap and R&B. Post Malone or Lil Uzi Vert were some stars with a global reach that made themselves known there. In fact, Lana Del Rey's debut album is only there and on YouTube. In addition to official music, it also has 'covers' or 'mixtapes' that are nowhere to be found and is also a vital site for podcast creators. The best thing is that access for listeners is free.

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