Happy LGBTI Pride Month!: 7 Alternative Productions on Streaming Platforms

We recommend these 7 productions that are far from the usual and that you find on different streaming platforms .

Still from the series 'Veneno', 'L: Generation Q' and 'Moonlight'

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June has arrived and, with it, the month of LGBTIQ+ pride arrives, in which the community fights for the visibility of its human rights, the eradication of discrimination and reaffirm pride in sexual orientations, identities and gender expressions that have been repressed. and historically marginalized.

However, it is very common for many companies to join as a marketing strategy in which they appear as allies with the sole objective of improving their image or simply as a strategy to increase their sales, this is known as pinkwashing. In the particular case of production companies, they often focus on stereotypes of the LGBT community, mostly gay men from privileged classes, leaving aside other sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities,

In this sense, in this article we want to leave Netflix a bit and we want to recommend content that is thought-provoking and, in a certain way, activism to celebrate Pride Month properly with stories that serve LGBTIQ+ representation.


Let's start this list with one of the best series in recent times. The theme is… Dancers and models meet in dance competitions from the underground cultural scene in New York in order to win trophies and make a name for the house they belong to. Set in the late 1980s and early 1990s, this series is one of the first to bring together a truly diverse cast, including trans people as leads and openly gay people of African descent.

The plot revolves around various characters who highlight the problems faced by trans people, such as discrimination and lack of recognition of their identity. It puts on the table the issue of HIV and the context that existed at that time. Something that the plot does very well is to show the way in which the LGBT community forms its own ties, forming a support network for those people who are not accepted by their families. The series has only three seasons and can be found through the Star Plus platform.

It's A Sin

Miniseries that has five chapters covering a decade, from 1981 to 1991, which follows. Created by Russell T Davies (creator of Queer as folk British version) this series is based on his own experiences and that of his friends and as a way to commemorate the people who lost their lives due to said disease. There are many movies and series that deal with this topic. However, the way in which this series contextualizes this crisis of the eighties from a perspective of the importance of friendship, makes this series unmissable. It can be seen through HBO Max.


Created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, the series deals with the life of Cristina Ortiz Rodríguez, better known as "La Veneno". The story tells from birth to death of this iconic character of the LGBT community. The importance of this series lies in the fact that the character of "Veneno" was one of the first person to make the trans community visible in Spain. The opportunities that trans people have are put into perspective with this series. How much has society changed in these 6 years after her death? Is there representation in the media of the people behind? They are some of the questions that this series generates that you can enjoy on HBO Max.

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The L Word: Generation Q

After 10 years of absence, a sequel to "The L Word" returns. Follow the lives of a group of friends dealing with everyday problems, heartache and love. 10 years seem like a short time, however, the themes related to the LGBT community at that time were really brave, since very few dared to address these issues in a serious way and gave depth to the characters from a more human perspective. That is why the importance of this series, something designed for the consumption of the available lesbian community and is on Prime video.


Drama and comedy film released in 2014. The plot focuses on a group of LGBT activists who join the British miners' strike in 1984. Based on real events, this film shows us some of the first struggles of the LGBT community that, on this occasion, went hand in hand with the miners. The LGBT community seeks recognition of their rights in a context in which there is an HIV crisis. You can find it on HBO Max.

BPM (Beats Per Minute)

"Beats per minute" addresses the issue of HIV in France in the early 90s, almost ten years after its appearance. Nathan and Sean will fight against the general indifference in society. Released in 2017, this film portrays the way in which the LGBT community lived in fear of this disease, the prejudices it faced and the changes it had in the way members of the collective related. You can find this movie through the Mubi platform.


Awarded the Oscar for best film in 2016, we close these recommendations with Moonlight. Based on the play "In Moonlight black boys look blue", the film is divided into three segments where it narrates the childhood, adolescence and maturity of Chiron, a fatherless father who grows up in a very hostile suburb and who finds it difficult to relate to others. Many times when we talk about the LGBT community, specifically gay men, we always think of stories with white protagonists. This film shows the problems faced by an Afro-descendant man who is gay and that has an impact on other types of sectors little explored by LGBT cinema and stories.

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