How is Neurodiversity Represented on the Screen? 5 Recommendations

Neurodiversity is one of the contemporary concepts that have acquired the most relevance in society, giving us to understand that their neurological conditions do not represent a disability, but a different way of seeing and understanding the world.

Still from the series 'Atypical' and 'The Good Doctor'

We recommend a list of 5 film and television productions on neurodiversity. Photos: YT-Netflix, YT-Amazon Prime Video

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The relevance of neurodiversity in today's society is so great that it is a theme that has inspired the creation and production of various audiovisual content that aim to expose the characteristics, skills, challenges, qualities, values and ways of thinking and acting of those people who perceive and face life with neurological difference . In this sense, The Latin American Post recommends a list of 5 film and television productions on this innovative concept.


The mini series “Special” has captivated thousands of users of the Netflix platform. Created by Ryan O'Connell , and released in April 2019, the series biographically tells the story of its creator, a gay man diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy.

The history classified in the genre of comedy already has two seasons, in which we can see how the life of a man with a different neuronal condition unfolds after making the decision to face the world independently. In these chapters, we can witness the authenticity of the protagonist, who bravely faces and challenges the situations that every human being faces in their daily lives.

This series has been nominated several times for the Emmy Awards and the WGA Awards , obtaining in the last one the award for "Best new short series" in the year 2020.

The Good Doctor

Starring Freddie Highmore himself , this series tells the life of a brilliant doctor diagnosed with autism and Savant syndrome , who must face daily challenges at San José St. Bonaventure Hospital; place where much of the story takes place.

In the 73 episodes that make up the series, we can see in a dramatic way how the protagonist saves lives brilliantly despite constant criticism of his work environment, which underestimates him due to the diagnosed syndromes .

This series is available on the Amazon Prime and Netflix platforms . Likewise, its reception has been such that it has been nominated for various awards in the last 3 years, obtaining a distinction in the 60-minute category at the Humanitas Prize.

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The lighthouse of the orcas (film)

Hispano-Argentine production which tells the story of a mother who undertakes a trip to Patagonia with her autistic child (Tristán) with the aim of interacting with the wild killer whales in this area, since they generate important stimuli for the child that helped in his life process.

The most interesting point of the film, directed by Gerardo Olivares, is the way in which nature is correlated with Tristán's personality, demonstrating the child's great sensitivity to the natural environment, which impacts the lives of all the characters in the movie.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (film)

Film from 2011 where the story of a boy diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome is told, who must face the death of his father after a terrorist attack. During the development of the film, the infant finds a key in his father's belongings, which haunts him, since he does not know what it opens. In the course of your search, you must overcome your fears to find answers.


Netflix original series, created by Robia Rashid, which tells the story of an 18-year-old (Sam) diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) , who decides to have a girlfriend and face a "normal" life. Fact that alters the daily life of his family to see how he acquires greater independence. In that sense, the story unfolds around Sam's decision, which makes him face various life situations, both positive and negative.

This series is premiering its 4th and final season of 10 chapters , which culminate a fascinating story, well rated by critics, and welcomed by thousands of viewers on the Netflix platform.

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