How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Most Anticipated Concerts Of 2022?

Next year will be special for Latin America, as there will be different very important music festivals. Find out how much it costs to go to the most anticipated concerts of 2022.

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If you are interested in returning to massive music festivals, you need to know all the information regarding prices. Next, we tell you everything you need to know. Photo: Pexels

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In 2022 the most important music festivals and concerts in Latin America will return, which were paralyzed by the restrictions due to COVID-19. Here we tell you what the prices are.

Colombia (Gorillaz and Estéreo Picnic)

Colombia will host two great events. First, on May 12, 2022, Gorillaz will return to the country. In pre-sales, the cheapest ticket (Floor 3) is at 189,000 + 28,400 COP for service charges. The most expensive, known as the South Fan Tribune, is at 700,000 + 105,000 COP.

As for the festivals, the Estéreo Picnic also stands out, which will have J Balvin, The Strokes, and Foo Fighters as great guests. It will take place between March 25, 26, and 27, so tickets can be purchased for the 3 days or individually. Those who have already purchased the tickets may attend or request a refund if they wish.

Only stage 1 of sale is enabled, which costs 755 thousand COP plus 99 thousand COP of service cost for the 3 days. For a specific day, the first stage implies a cost of 365,000 COP plus 48,000 COP of service. From there, prices increase, so it is always recommended to buy in this instance.

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Argentina, Chile, and Brazil (Lollapalooza)

The first thing to note is that this festival will be held in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil and will be celebrated during the last week of March in the first two and in Brazil, in the first of April.

Well, in terms of prices, if you already had the ticket bought, you can stay absolutely calm: it will serve you for next year. You do not need to do any paperwork, as the 2022 bracelet will be perfectly valid. Now, you will also have the possibility to request a refund and even change the date.

Official prices have not yet been released, but possible adjustments due to inflation must be taken into account, as is the case in Argentina. In 2019, when 2020 tickets were purchased, the cheapest 3-day ticket (known as Early Bird) was ARS 3,600 plus service costs.

However, this was the initial and limited stage, so the three-day entry for the other instance (known as Pre-Sale 1) started at ARS 4,990 plus service costs. Therefore, due to accumulated inflation, it is expected that these values will be multiplied by 3 or by 4, although it must also be seen if, due to the demand for tickets, it will not be opened in Presale 1, but in a more advanced instance. , with even higher prices.

As for individual tickets, they are always usually worth half of what the access costs after 3 days. Assuming that a Presale will be at 20 thousand ARS, it is likely that the value for each day ranges between 10 thousand ARS. However, it is also valid to buy tickets for people who want to sell them, with a slightly lower value.

For example, there are users on the Internet who offer bracelets for the 3 days at about 16 thousand ARS. In these cases, it is essential to check that the tickets are official, something that you can see at the moment when you register the code that appears on the bracelet.

As for Chile and Brazil, they are in the same situation, although it is probable that the prices will not vary as much. In Chile, the Early Bird had a value of 95,200 Chilean pesos and the Presale 1 of 156,800 CLP. For Brazil, the Lolla Pass, valid for three days, would cost between BRL 935 and tickets for one day would start at BRL 400.

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