June 2023 Releases: The Most Anticipated on Streaming Platforms

Once again, LatinAmerican Post brings you a new guide to the most anticipated premieres on the different streaming platforms for June. Don't miss it!.

Still from the series 'Medellin', 'The Idol', 'The Crowded Room'

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In the blink of an eye, we reach the middle of 2023. While some streaming platforms give their series a definitive end, others are in charge of raising the curtain on new stories. Action, comedy, adventures, and a lot of drama will be some of the ingredients that June will leave us with. Stay tuned for new productions from Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+ and Hulu.

Medellín (June 2 – Prime Video)

Prime Video brings a French feature film set in Colombian lands. This action comedy follows a man who must save his younger brother from the narcos of the Medellín Cartel. To do this, he prepares a plan as simple as it is crazy, since he decides to kidnap the son of the leader of the cartel to exchange him for his brother's life. It is worth adding that ex-boxer Mike Tyson appears among the protagonists.

The Idol (June 4 – HBO Max)

After the end of one of its most successful series (“Succession”), HBO Max will now bet everything with this production starring singer The Weeknd and young actress Lily-Rose Depp, and directed by Sam Levinson. Set against the backdrop of the music industry, the plot will follow an aspiring pop idol who finds herself embroiled in a complex relationship with a self-help guru and leader of a kind of modern cult.

The Crowded Room (June 9 – Apple TV)

Apple TV original productions are becoming more and more interesting and attract the attention of thousands of viewers. Without a doubt, it is making its way among streaming platforms. On this occasion, we will have an anthology series, which will explore what is behind the inspiring stories of those who have learned to fight and live with mental illness. Tom Holland will play Danny Sullivan, the first person acquitted of a crime due to multiple personality disorder.

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Rescue Mission 2 (June 16 – Netflix)

This is a release that many expected. Chris Hemsworth returns to once again play Tyler Rake, a black market mercenary who was presumed dead after the events of the first feature film. This time, his mission will be even more difficult, as he will have to extract the relative of a Georgia gangster from prison. Director Sam Hargrave will reprise in collaboration with the Russo Brothers.

Secret Invasion (June 21 – Disney+)

This is the new miniseries of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that will continue with the line of the current films of the franchise. Here we will follow Nick Fury and his allies, who will discover a conspiracy by a group of Skrulls to take control of the Earth assuming the identity of people with power. The production will consist of six episodes and will have the return of Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Martin Freeman, Don Cheadle, as well as the addition of Emilia Clarke.

The Bear (June 22 – Star+ / Hulu)

Without a doubt, one of the revelation series of the last year. The stressful story of Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto, a haute cuisine chef who decides to return to Chicago to run her deceased brother's bankrupt restaurant, will have a second season that promises good results. Although there is no official synopsis, everything indicates that we will see the balance in many ways of the protagonist and what it means to start from scratch in the right direction.

Jack Ryan (June 30 – Prime Video)

The fourth season of this fast-paced series starring John Krasinski will be the last in which we will see him as Jack Ryan. In recent events, we have seen the CIA analyst resolve multiple conflicts, which affected the United States in different ways. Now serving as acting deputy director of the CIA, Jack must face new national and international adversaries, who will compromise the country's security at a higher level.

As you can see, there is a lot to see on streaming platforms. No matter which one you have, there's at least one exciting premiere in each one this month.

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