Kanye West: in the midst of bipolarity and scandals

Kanye West has been one of the celebrities who has stolen the most media attention, especially in recent months in which he has starred in a series of scandals due to his behavior through social networks and in his own music.

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Although it is not the first time for West to act in this way, many people, including his ex-partner Kim Kardashian, have expressed dissatisfaction with his almost obsessive acts. For this reason, the artist's mental health has come to the fore again after a long time after 2016, where Kanye spoke about this openly in an interview.

West's controversies

The rapper and producer has proven to have no filter when it comes to expressing his opinions regardless of whether the whole world goes against him. These are some of his recent controversies.

February 2021: The end of Kardashian West

The relationship between the businesswoman and the rapper begins to crumble in 2020 in the midst of the United States presidential campaigns, when West is running as a candidate. In one of his speeches in South Carolina, he reveals private information about the Kardashian family. Following this, West shares a series of posts accusing Kim of wanting to “lock him up” and that he has actually been trying to divorce her. After this controversy, the model breaks her silence on social networks and speaks openly about her ex-husband's bipolar disorder, asking for empathy and understanding for his behavior.

After several months, outlets like E! News and Page Six begin to publish speculation that these two celebrities will break up in late 2020. In February 2021, the assumptions about the relationship of this couple end when Kim sounds again on networks and this time because of the divorce request she makes to West.

November 2021: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

On October 6, the businesswoman was the guest host of Saturday Night Live, where she did not hesitate to speak openly about her divorce. "When I divorced him, you should know that it came down to one thing: his personality."

A month after her appearance on the show, Kim is seen on multiple dates with SNL comedian Pete Davidson. This caused noise in social networks, entertainment media and of course, in Kanye who did not like that the model accepted her divorce live, much less that she was dating someone else. West later revealed that he wanted his wife back. "We're not even divorced," he mentioned on the Drink Champs podcast.

In December, the rapper turns heads again, this time buying a house right across from Kim's house.

January-March 2022: Hate lyrics

At the beginning of 2022, the rapper releases "Eazy", a song he made in collaboration with The Game. In the verses that West sings, he mentions the divorce with Kim, the mansion he buys in front of hers, his children and clearly takes the opportunity to attack Pete. Two months later the music video comes out where many fans rejected the scenes where West is seen burying Davidson.

March 2022: Instagram temporarily suspends his account

The rapper was going against anyone who said a word about him, his family and even Pete Davidson. Erratically, he uploaded posts that violated the social network's policies and received constant complaints in his posts. So much so that Meta had to suspend her account for 24 hours for bullying, harassment, and hate speech.

April 2022: No Grammys and no Coachella

Due to the rapper's "troubling behavior on social networks", the corporation did not hesitate to find a replacement for his presentation at the Grammys. Next, the artist decides to cancel his participation in the Coachella festival (April 17 and 24). Media such as Variety affirm that this is due to the lack of preparation that the artist must have to go on stage. Other rumors mention that his absence from the festival is due to the controversies in which he has been involved during his separation from Kim Kardashian.

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His mental health

Despite the fact that Kanye is said to be a marketing genius because he knows how to be the center of attention, there are people who justify his behavior because of his bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is a severe mental illness. Those who cope with this experience sudden mood swings, such as being happy becoming depressed and unmotivated. Some feel euphoria or exaltation. It is a condition that attacks men and women equally, has long-lasting variations in the state of the person and affects their development at a social and interpersonal level. Such has been the case with West, where he has been seen in manic and depressive episodes.

Kim K. had assured that the rapper refused to take medication since he feared that his essence would be lost. However, willpower is not an option for people who suffer from this. Pharmacological use and psychological treatment are the best options to deal with this disease.

Additionally, people with bipolarity are not really dangerous to others. Like Kanye, they may only end up harming themselves, their relationships, and their image in the midst of a manic episode that can lead to irritability and recklessness.

Although these episodes may be one of the reasons for his controversies and bad behavior, we are talking about the artist who has won the most awards in his category. He is not the best rapper, but he has certainly been an idealistic producer. Uniting styles and different musical cultures, he became one of the figures that revolutionized Hip-Hop and the one that has dominated millions of people thanks to his sound.

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