Love them or hate them: The return of the mini bags

The fall winter season is full of changes and when it comes to renovate the closet the must-have of the season is the mini bag

Love them or hate them: The return of the mini bags

During 2017 and until mid-2018, the protagonist was the popular fanny pack. How to forget the model imposed by Gucci and adopted by many It Girls during the main fashion events of the beginning of this year? For this reason, its popularity is not yet subjugated to the darkness of the closet , it still has time to live. However, following the precepts of fashion, in which everything is chameleon, the accessory evolves. That is why it is not strange to see how the complement reduces its size.

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The tendency

We have already seen it in the hands of models such as Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, who made it come back after being the indispensable accessory in the nineties. Thus, thanks to brands like Dior, which in addition to having the classic model Lady Dior bag, has put the Saddlebag in fury. The idea of the mini bag comes with all the strength of its femininity. This is what Carlota Jaramillo, creator of the sophisticated portfolio brand Carlota, told LatinAmerican Post. "Now is the whole wave of the eighties and nineties super strong. They went back to use the cortical portfolios, on the shoulder, the most varied portfolios, with less volume. And this trend, which can be seen a bit weird now, in a year will be so consolidated that everyone will have their little wallet."

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Criticism of the mini bag: does it work for everyone?

Why the trend has not been indifferent to brands like Stalvey and Herm is whose proposals have been so petit and so expensive that some of their items reach cost up to 35 thousand dollars, while its usefulness is questionable. So says Sara McAlpine, fashion editor of Elle magazine, who says that the users of this accessory are women "from the taxi to the sidewalk": "they only move between the office and appointments. secretly, they are eager to keep up appearances, to pretend they are in control when maybe it is not. "

And words are a coherent reaction to an accessory in which it is hardly possible to carry a credit card and a lipstick. Therefore, there have already been several who have exposed the need to make a consumption of fashion according to parameters that also respond to the usefulness and real lifestyle.

"This trend is something completely detached from the big bag. We are talking about two different worlds, one is the daily life, the other corresponds to something that you want to see beautiful because that depends on the lifestyle of each person . There are people who do not need anything more than the basic things, but I, for example, need a computer, the other agenda, my daughter's bottle, the doll. I think the two sizes will continue to exist in parallel. This is a trend that I do not know how long it will last, but it is just beginning and we will surely see it next year. The large portfolio, the functional totes, will never disappear," says Jaramillo.


Three tips

  • Allowing the shoulder and backrest will not only mean freedom but fewer ailments. However, the key to making the accessory look good, is to take what is fair and necessary, because the task is not only free and seek comfort, but also to make the mini bag stand out by itself. So, if you are going to buy one that does not close, buy a large bag.
  • The mini bag is an extremely versatile piece because it can be worn with jeans or elegant dresses. The fact that it is a night or day accessory depends on the material and the color. Therefore, when it comes to finding a basic that is functional on both occasions it is recommended to choose a bag in nude color, which is used for a meal in the evening or a casual meeting with friends.
  • What is carried in the mini bag is the essential: the cell phone, a pouch, a lipstick, keys, and glasses. If those items do not fit, reconsider your purchase.


LatinAmerican Post | María Alejandra Gomez

Translated from: 'Ámalas u ódialas: El regreso de las mini bags'

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