Mañana Será Bonito Fest: How to purchase tickets to see Karol G in Medellín?

This Friday the pre-sale of tickets for Mañana Será Bonito Fest will begin, the first stop on Karol G's tour .

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Since its announcement, Mañana Sera Bonito Fest has been a trend on social networks. This is the first stop (and the only one that will take place this year) on Karol G's Mañana Sera Bonito tour.

Today the organizers of the concert have announced that this Friday, October 13, pre-sales will open for this magical event.

What is Mañana Será Bonito Fest?

It is an event with which Karol G wants, in her words, to have a special detail with her hometown. With this concert, she will open her Mañana Será Bonito tour. It will take place on December 1st at the Atanasio Girardot.

This detail is special given that Karol G promises the city's inhabitants a "higher" show than the rest of the tour. So she won't be the only artist on stage. So far it is known that the event will have five stages on which artists who are friends and guests of her will perform.

Furthermore, her fans are already counting on the fact that the singer will not only perform the singles from her most recent album Mañana Sera Bonito , which gives the title to the tour and the festival, but that in this particular event she will sing all of her hits.

How do I get my ticket?

This Friday, October 13 at 10 in the morning, the pre-sale of Mañana Sera Bonito Fest will begin on TuBoleta.com. This pre-sale is for Bancolombia Mastercard customers and there are 16,223 entries enabled for this phase. The general sale will begin once these first tickets have been sold out.

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Prices will be known on Friday or during the week. However, there are already official figures, which would vary only a little between now and Friday. The cheapest ticket is $151,000 and the most expensive can cost $2,880,000. This large price range is due to the fact that the event will have ten seats and 268 boxes.

Occidental Baja is the grandstand set up for minors, there will be no alcohol sales there. The stadium doors will open at 4 pm on that date and the concert will begin at 8 pm.

What if I can't be in Medellín?

If you are a fan of the bichota and you will not be in Medellín during the Mañana Sera Bonito Fest, you still have several possibilities. Next Tuesday, October 17, pre-sales will also open for the Paisa singer's concert in Bogotá, which will take place on April 5 of next year. The pre-sale will also take place through Tuboleta.com, it will also start at 10 in the morning and will also be for Bancolombia and Mastercard customers.

If you are outside of Colombia, the Mañana Será Bonito Tour will also make stops in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Guatemala City, San Salvador, San José, Santo Domingo, Caracas, Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Asunción and Sao Pablo .

Without a doubt, it will be a tour that you cannot miss.

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