Meet some of the most impressive installation arts

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We will show you some of the most impressive installation arts of today

Instalaciones artísticas 'Ludovico Einaudi Concert', 'Crossing the Rubicon' y 'Seven Magic Mountains'

The installation is a genre of contemporary art that took great momentum since 1970, in which the same medium (walls, floor, lights) is used as part of the composition and in many cases, those materials that the artist chooses fill the space and even the viewer can move and get to have more direct contact with the work.

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According to what was published by the portal Mas de Arte, the installations, since the beginning, have considered the limits of the work of art, as well as reflecting on museums the market and the spaces where it is normally exhibited. This is why we want to show you some of the most impressive art installations, due to their different characteristics.

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Ludovico Einaudi Concert – Arctic Ocean

Years ago, this renowned Italian pianist and composer gave a historic concert in the Arctic Ocean. It was on a floating platform that was around the glaciers, as published by the portal The Happening. The structure was composed of white triangles that simulated pieces of ice.

This is not only listed in The Happening as an installation, but it can also be considered a mix with performance when analyzing that he was playing his piano. The event was held in collaboration with Greenpeace as part of a campaign to raise awareness about global warming. Interesting work that unites art with the conservation of the environment.

"Crossing the Rubicon" – Jason deCaires Taylor

This piece is found in the Atlantic Museum, which has as a feature being under the sea. It is the first underwater museum in Europe and is conceived as a place for the preservation, conservation and education of the marine environment and nature, as published by the portal cactlanzarote.com. There are many sculptures that can be found here, one of them is "Crossing the Rubicon" by Jason deCaires Taylor, British sculptor of underwater pieces and artificial reefs. He is also the creator of the first underwater sculpture park, located in Granada, a Caribbean country and the first submarine museum in the world.

Jason deCaires Taylor is recognized for the installation of these artistic pieces, because through them he integrates his skills as a sculptor, conservationist, marine photographer and diving instructor. An interesting work that unites art again with the conservation of the oceans.


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Seven Magic Mountains – Las Vegas, United States

This structure was made by the Swiss plastic artist Ugo Rondinone, and they have become a photo that must be taken yes or yes when visiting Las Vegas in the United States. The artist created this monumental installation in the middle of the desert and gave color to the dry and earthy area. According to The Happening, its installation Seven Magic Mountains, consists of a sequence of colossal stones that defy gravity by the way they are arranged. With the sculpture that this installation is possible to relate is with the famous Play-Doh of Sculpture by Jeff Koons. This type of artist's facilities are not only found in Las Vegas, but it is also possible to find one of them in Liverpool.


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