The sequels left by the arrival of Anthony Davis to the Lakers in the NBA

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Los Angeles gain space in betting for next season by placing a star to LeBron James, but what comes after that?

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Finally, Los Angeles Lakers got the ideal partner for LeBron James. They must still go for another quality player with experience in the league, but they have started their moves well for the upcoming 2019-20 NBA season. Anthony Davis, former New Orleans Pelicans, and much talked about since last season has come to the California giant to, once and for all, green the laurels. Of course, his arrival has caused an earthquake in the NBA, which we will tell in Latin American Post.

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This movement has been brewing for months. The Lakers, through multiple ways, tried to convince the Pelicans to give Davis, but they ignored him. Incredibly, everything that Californians noticed came about and the New Orleans team managed to do a better business than the Lakers proposed to him there in February.

As ESPN explains very well, the final account of the change, takes Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart to the Pelicans, as well as the No. 4 pick in the draft; the Lakers' selection post in 2021 only if it falls in the top eight; otherwise, it will become the Lakers' unprotected pick in the first round of the 2022 draft.

The same media explains that the NBA executives understood in February that the Lakers could not keep open space in their salary cap to take Davis as a free agent in 2020, because it was wasting Lebron in his last years as a star and in an excellent state physical. What happened next, gave that theory more strength. LeBron will turn 40 in the 2024-25 season, if he continues playing with the Lakers or if he has not retired.

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And the advantages for Davis?

Davis also has incentives to become a free agent again, after the conclusion of the season 2021-22, which would be his tenth in the NBA, and then when he could aspire to have a final and substantial contract at the close of his career, he continued. ESPN

What does that mean? That Davis will remain with the Lakers, almost certainly until 2022, a club in which he also wanted to play. Davis arrives in Los Angeles and is already considered the best teammate LeBron has ever had, even ahead of Dwayne Wade. For many specialists, it is the perfect symbiosis.

Davis especially brings much more in defense than Wade. He is a perpetual Defensive Player of the Year candidate, and can help LeBron in those games, which he did to a great extent in the Lakers last season, significantly lowering his offensive numbers. If both are in good health, and Lakers is smart with a couple more moves, they will undoubtedly be contenders for the title in the West.

For now, and after the departure of Ingram, Ball and Hart, the starting lineup is the only thing that has made Los Angeles at this time. The question is, do the Lakers have space to sign another elite player? It's not something that seems very safe in finance.

The bets for Lakers are up

The Marca newspaper in its betting section ensures that the arrival of Davis to Los Angeles Lakers has been an earthquake in the NBA. Even more than LeBron James himself last year when he left Cleveland for Los Angeles.

The announcement of the signing has placed the Lakers as the big favorite in the bookmakers to win the NBA 2019-20 with a share of 6.00, according to Marca, higher than the 5.00 that was generated with the arrival of LeBron last year. The figure with Davis under a 3.60 so that the team lagunero be the champion of the next season.

The Milwaukee Bucks, runners-up of the East, appear today like second favorite (7.50) in the forecasts, leaving behind surprisingly the present monarch, Toronto Raptors, whose reward in case of repeating the title is of 8 Euros by each one bet. For the first time in many years, the powerful Golden State Warriors appear so far in the betting with 9 euros per each bet.


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Irving the next?

Marca reported that, according to David Aldridge and Sam Amick, of 'The Athletic', Irving has been insisting for months that his desire is to play with Anthony Davis. So it's possible that they conjugate so that Irving is the third 'sword' in the yellow formation. It is true that James and Irving moved away, but also that now they are reconciled and that they can form a lethal trio. Does anyone doubt it? Another name that sounds is the Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets. emphasized the advantages for the club of this movement. Remove Kyle Kuzma from the agreement. Among all the young people of the team, Kuzma was definitely the most precious and they could keep him in the team, because when playing positions 3 and 4 he is the natural substitute of LeBron and Davis. The cut thinking in 2022. Two of the four rounds of the draft have been reserved for beyond this year. It is an aspect to keep in mind, even more so if we bear in mind that there will be the moment to look for an engagement with LeBron James, in his last throes.

Speed to convince someone else. This is a much better project for someone to be interested. It's one thing to play with Lebron, and another with Lebron and Davis. In the case of the Pelicans, their bet on the young is strengthened and that is why they were Zion Williamson, first choice of the last draft. Along with Ingram, Ball and Hart have everything to build a team in the medium term, closed


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