Megan Maxwell and the power of women

LatinAmerican Post had the opportunity to speak with the famous author Megan Maxwell

Spanish writer, Megan Maxwell.

Spanish writer, Megan Maxwell. / Taken from: libroveolibroleo.com

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It is not a stereotype or a generality: women have had a broken heart at least once in their lives. And Megan Maxwell describes that stormy, but at the same time entertaining, journey through which we passed after a break-up and a disappointment in the book 'Welcome to the Club'.

This Spanish author has been in the literary industry for 10 years, 10 years in which most of her books, if not all, have been a Best Seller. That romantic comedy with which we like to identify so much has led to forming an entire army of followers who sing along with it, identify with her stories and even receive her at the immigration gates when she arrives in each country on her book tour.

Megan is a rock star. One that is outspoken and talks what life means, what it means to be a woman, but without neglecting the pretty things that comes whit it. Also, she is very funny. Megan has explored romantic comedy from the most traditional, through medieval themes and even the erotic novel.

In LatinAmerican Post we talked to this successful author so she could tell us a little about her career, her latest book, and her fans.

'Welcome to the Club', which has been circulating since July and in Spain is already in its third edition, tells the story of four friends who, practically at the same, their lives fall apart at the moment when their love lives go through disappointments, leaving them devastated.

“Loving and being loved is what every woman wants. What every woman craves. And what every woman dreams of ” is the beginning of the synopsis of the book. However, during the story, these four friends begin to learn what they like and what they don't from their single lives. And being on the path of singleness is not an easy task, much less after you thought you would not have to return to your ex. But Maxwell makes it seem comfortable and interesting.

“Many times you pay for the frustration that someone has made you feel, with another who doesn't deserve it,” says Maxwell, referring to the moral of the book. But this, like everyone else, has a happy ending.

According to her, the endings should always be happy, because even if the stories seek to represent real life, sometimes life does not bring film endings, but even more tragic consequences. Thus, a happy ending lets the reader dream of an outcome that may not happen in his life. No matter what happens, her books, especially this one, are a way of telling women that they can get up from the falls and move on.

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L.P.: How do you start exploring that feminine empowerment that you reflect in your novels?

Megan Maxwell: I have taken that empowerment all my life and learned to express it little by little. I am the daughter of a single mother, so since I was little I have had to fight against many changes and against many things. So I used the novels to reflect that empowerment of women to push forward.

That is achieved, first, by loving yourself. You have to love yourself so that others love you. And you continue to know that life is not easy and that you have to fight it every day, but it's not that bad either.

L.P.: You have managed to get a very faithful group of followers. Tell us a little about the Warriors. Who are they?

M.M.: My warriors are people as normal as you or me, who move forward with their lives even if they are not as pretty as the ones I reflect in the novels. I always say that a warrior must be a woman who has fallen but who has risen and moved on. It falls and rises again and again. A warrior is not the one who stays on the ground crying but struggles to keep going. So life will make it difficult.

L.P.: How do you start consolidating this fan group?

M.M.: All the female characters that I believe in my novels, whether in the erotic or medieval or contemporary saga, are all women with a lot of character. And many years ago, around 12, I had a group on Facebook called 'The Maxwell Warriors', but it was only with my friends and my daughter. But from one moment to another that group began to take shape and the theme of the warriors began to look more and well today we are a huge group. Now being a warrior is as strong, people are proud of the connotation it has.

Now the warriors support each other, because that is also the idea of being a woman. Same as in the book. Even though they don't know each other. There are groups from each country: Maxwell warriors Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and others. A huge community has been created. A few years ago it seemed that women should be confronted with each other, but a few years ago, at least what I try to do in my groups is to say: 'Girls if we are united we get much more'. If anyone has a problem, they talk about it and there is always someone who can help them out.


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L.P.: You currently publish about 3 novels in one year and you already have more than 42 published. When did you decide that was the path you wanted to follow?

M.M.: I've been publishing 10 years, but I've been writing 22. When I started sending my novels to publishers, they discarded them from the beginning because my female characters were very strong. But now that I started publishing, it is precisely that strong character that attracts readers.

The first one published was 'I told you so', it was the story of the typical woman who believes herself more to wear an Armani jacket, and knows someone who has more money than she does but teaches her that in life not everything is that. Life is that someone loves you, having good friends. From the beginning, it was very welcome. What I try in my novels is that everything is very every day, a very normal life.

L.P.: What pieces of Megan Maxwell's life are embodied in your books?

M.M.: There is a lot, my whole life is there. When they ask me what my favorite novel is, I must say 'Hello, do you remember me?' because it is the love story of my parents but with a movie ending. But in all, there is a piece of me. Each novel is also written in a special moment of life and that little piece is reflected in the novel. There is at least something personal in each story, but I only know that it is my connection to my books.


Una publicación compartida por Megan Maxwell (@megan__maxwell) el


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