Not Sure What to Watch? The Four Best Netflix Series so Far in 2021

These are some of the best productions that this streaming platform had during the first part of the year.

Still from the series 'Lupine' and 'Sweet Tooth'

Here are some of the best productions this streaming platform had during the first part of the year. Photos: YT-Netflix

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Netflix is the most popular streaming platform today. For this 2021, we saw that the increase in subscribers remained in relation to the large figures of last year, to the point of having added a total of 3.98 million subscribers during the first quarter of this year, according to financial results. .

This was due to many high-level productions that have been seen during this first part of the year, especially in terms of series. The great offer of content can be seen in some of the most popular series of this 2021, which have had a great level.


Do you like suspense and mystery? Well, this series is perfect for you. With 10 episodes released in two parts, we get to know the life of professional thief Assane Dip, the son of a Senegalese immigrant who comes to France to have better personal and professional aspirations .

Thanks to its incredible narrative rhythm, with easy-to-watch episodes and with an intensity that increases as we delve into the story, it became a true global phenomenon. Precisely, its strong point is that it bets all its chips on entertainment.

Ah! If you're interested, a third batch of episodes has already been confirmed, which could be released in 2022.

Love, Death & Robots

This series has a peculiarity: it does not matter which season you watch, as there is no strict order to follow the chapters . In this second stage of episodes, we see that this animated and dystopian production of David Fincher managed to improve the way of telling these science fiction stories.

With styles similar to Black Mirror, it should be noted that each episode is animated and directed by a different team . Although all the productions have that dystopian touch, there are plots with a variety of genres: comedy, horror and even fantasy. As we have mentioned, it is an anthology series, so you can see your favorite chapters.

They are short stories, between 6 and 17 minutes, perfect for a quick marathon on the weekend. Next year a third batch of episodes will be released.

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Sweet Tooth

Perhaps the great surprise of what we have of the year. Sweet Tooth became one of the most viewed content on the platform in 2021 . This Robert Downey Jr. production is based on the homonymous comic by Jeff Lemire, which tells the story of a fantasy dystopian world.

A historical event, known as The Great Crumble, changed the world and spawned the appearance of hybrid babies, half human and half animal . Out of fear, humans decide to hunt them … and that's where the story begins, as we put ourselves in the shoes of a child, known as Gus.

With touches of fantasy and drama, its 8 episodes have spectacular direction and photography. For next year, a second season has already been confirmed.


Finally, we find another adaptation based on real life events. Created by Ryan Murphy , the series puts us in the life of the legendary fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick , who knew how to have an enormous influence on the aesthetics of New York in the 70s and 80s, where this plot is temporarily located.

One of its strengths lies in the adaptation of its protagonist, played by a fabulous Ewan McGregor . With a very dynamic rhythm, you will feel constantly interested in history, no matter how passionate you are about the world of fashion. In addition, the production has a distinctive touch that makes it stand out from the rest.

It will not have a second season, but it does not need it either.

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