Who are the Milwaukee Bucks? The NBA Finals for Dummies

Here we explain everything you need to know about the Milwaukee Bucks, who are currently playing in the NBA Finals.

Milwaukee Bucks team players

With the series already underway, the NBA Finals are hotter than ever. Photo: IG-bucks

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With the finals already underway, the NBA are better than ever. Your friends who are sports fans will probably invite you to talk about it, but you can't be left with nothing to say, right?

That is why in this second part we bring you a small guide for dummies about the Milwaukee Bucks . We will talk about their best players and their game.

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The stars of the Bucks:

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Without a doubt, the best player and star of the Bucks is Giannis Antetokounmpo, also known as the "Greek Freak ." A 2.11m giant, Giannis differs from many of his size with his tremendous agility, strength and flexibility.

It is common to see him score more than 20, 30 and even 40 points per night. Giannis is an unstoppable engine on his way to the board, beating smaller players with strength and taller players with flexibility. His defense is excellent, because thanks to his long arms and agility he can defend any position.

The only weakness in his game is long-range shooting . Giannis has a very poor aim of 3 and prefers to play close to the basket, where he dominates with his strength and number of different movements.

Giannis at this moment has just come out of a knee injury and is not playing at an optimal level in these finals.

Khris Middleton

The unstoppable Giannis co-star is Khris Middleton, a forward molded in the style of Kobe Bryant .

Middleton is a basketball player who dominates the middle distance game. His medium-distance shot is fluid and smooth and he throws it with confidence. He also has good ball handling and knows how to attack the basket fluently.

However, Khris is a player whose effectiveness fluctuates quite a bit . Some nights it looks like Michael Jordan and other nights it doesn't even go above 10 points. A player whose eyes cannot be taken off.

Brook Lopez

Finally, we have Brook Lopez, the defensive center of the Bucks . Lopez is a very traditional player who uses his size (2.13m) to close shot opportunities and almost always secures some blocks in a game. On the offensive side he doesn't shine as brightly as he could, but this is due to the incredible offensive ability of Giannis and his other teammates.

What is the Bucks style of game?

The Bucks are a team focused on defense. All the players on the team play a solid defense both individually and as a group that is very difficult for their rivals to break. Giannis and Lopez defend the painted area and the other players are excellent perimeter defenders .

On the offensive end, the Bucks rely mostly on Giannis and Khris for their points. An element to highlight is that the 3-shot, so popular these days in the NBA, is a major absent from their game.

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The Bucks' biggest weak point is their inconsistency. When they play well, they are the best team in the NBA, but when they do not reach those levels they collapse easily .

Without a doubt, some worthy rivals for the Suns.




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