Oscars Special: youth and protest in ‘The Trial of the Chicago Seven’

The history of seven young people were arrested, tried and convicted after being accused of being the presumed leaders of the altercations that took place in the city of Chicago.

Still from the film 'The Chicago 7 Trial'

This is one of the films nominated to win the award for Best Picture at the Oscars. Photo: YT-Netflix

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Today will be the "ceremony" of the Oscar Awards and, to prepare you, we have brought you this special in which we review all the films nominated in the Best Movie category. Here is our latest installment, on The Trial of the Chicago Seven.

General synopsis

In 1969, one of the most widely covered trials in American history was held, in which seven individuals arrested during a demonstration against the Vietnam War were put on trial after being accused of conspiring against national security . His arrest occurred as a result of riots against the police and the trial, promoted by the new Attorney General, was clearly political, giving rise to a series of social conflicts (demonstrations, citizen movements, promotion of civil rights) that would pass to posterity in a time of great change in the United States, according to the medium FilmAffinity, Spain.

What other nominations does he have?

On March 15, the list of films competing in the 93rd Academy Awards was released . As expected, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix original productions swept 35 nominations . The ceremony will take place on April 25th at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, according to Prensa Libre.

On the other hand, according to the official website of the Oscars, the film The Trial of the Chicago Seven is one of Netflix's nominee for the Oscars 2021, but it is far from the only one. In this edition, it is one of the favorites, due to this it was nominated in six categories, which are: Best Film, Best Supporting Actor (Sacha Baron Cohen), Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Original Song and Best Editing .

What are the real chances of winning the award?

According to Nacho Gonzalo, from the medium El Cine de lo que yo te dice, the feature film has an inspiring, emotional, classic and effective ending. It leaves the film in style with those final credits that give a veneer of relevance and importance to that story that has been told, without forgetting the obvious parallels with the political and social upheaval experienced in the United States in 2020. The preferential voting system seems designed to benefit a film like this: accessible, inspiring, without detractors and with the best possible packaging that the industry can produce.

In short, there is the possibility that it will win the award, not only because of its relevance and analogy with the current situation in the United States that benefits it, but also because of the values that it emanates and that move away from the cynicism of other more critical and critical proposals. brainy that end up taking the viewer emotionally out of the movie. Something that totally coincides with the new times of the Joe Biden administration, wanting to embrace inspiring messages and hope for the future defending the value of democracy and justice.

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On the other hand, Aaron Sorkin's film was chosen as one of the ten best films of the year by the American Film Institute, received the award for best cast at the Gotham Awards and starts as one of the great favorites for the Golden Globes with a total of five nominations, including best drama film and best director for Sorkin, according to the Chicago Tribune Web Portal.

Does it deserve the nomination?

The Trial of the Chicago Seven has been gaining weight in awards season as one of the possible alternatives to Nomadland , as the film that could gather consensus thanks to the preferential vote, but the fact that Sorkin did not achieve the nomination to direct the has taken out of the pools. It is a Netflix production with six nominations in total, including Sacha Baron Cohen for supporting actor . The actor is also competing in an adapted script for the Borat sequel, according to CadenaSER.

On the other hand, the Esquire medium states that he will win and that he deserves the nomination, in the Aaron Sorkin category, which is essentially an Oscar for the script in human form, because he has multiple nominations and victories. His scripts are extremely wordy, full of fair speeches and quick scenes, they are a gift to the Academy. The Trial of the Chicago Seven is also the kind of anti-Trump movie, "protest power," Democratic Party wet dream that Hollywood liberals believe is the epitome of progressivism .

Personal criticism

I believe that there is a neglect of women as a subject of sociological knowledge and that, of course, it contributes to the purpose of sexual segregation. However, according to Lengermann and Niebrugge-Brantley, the women of the Chicago School contributed from marginal academic positions to the establishment and consolidation of sociology as a discipline, being pioneers and women sociologists, according to Silvia García Dauder of the Spanish Research Journal Sociological (REIS).

On the other hand, it is significant to compare the career paths between George Vincent and Annie MacLean, Ph.D. fellow students at the University of Chicago. Vincent was hired as a member of the Department's staff. MacLean, despite becoming the second woman to earn a Ph.D. in Chicago in 1900 with a thesis on Canadian immigration, was never hired full-time, and held a precarious position as a part-time correspondence sociology professor.

In short , there is the unknown voice of several women such as Marian Talbot, Florence Kelley, Edith Abbott, Sophonisba Beckinridge, Frances Kellor, Annie M. MacLean, Julia Lathrop and Grace Abbott, who need to be exposed to the light and with this the possibility of a solid ending to the movie.

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