Paramore Presents the Album “This is Why” Before its South American Tour

The American band Paramore is coming out of its hiatus and preparing its sixth studio album prior to a short tour of South America. Learn more about the new project of the Hayley Williams group and the songs that will make Latin America dance from February 10th.


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2023 promises high-level music with artists seeking to be on playlists around the world and the year will start off strong with the release of “This is Why”, Paramore's new project.

After six years since their last studio album, the group led by Hayley Williams has returned to work on the pop rock band's sixth album. This will repeat, for the first time in the band's history, the same line-up of members between two consecutive albums. Accompanying the vocalist is drummer Zac Farro, who returned for the "After Laughter" album, and guitarist Taylor York, who has been around for the band's last four albums. The new project puts an end to rumors that Paramore would have separated.

A new beginning

"This is Why" can be considered the rebirth of Paramore, which refutes the rumors of their separation due to conflicts between members, complaints, and traumas that Williams has dealt with since the founding of the group. Perhaps the years of waiting are due to the necessary hiatus they took after wrapping up their extensive “After Laughter” tour.

Three promotional singles have seen the light to give a taste of what will be the new album that will have ten songs and will be published in various physical formats, as well as digital platforms. The first single, “This is Why,” captivated the band's fans with its funk-infused pop and rock melodies that blend new styles with the group's roots. In recent interviews, Hayley Williams has expressed the incidence of the pandemic in the creation of the album.

The group's short Fall tour of the United States and Mexico demonstrated just how incendiary the group can be to new audiences, even though their loyal fans are no longer what they used to be. The initial single was played at these concerts to promote the new album and would later be accompanied by "The News", with a sound very similar to that of the initial years of the group.

The most recent song, “C'est comme Ça”, although it has not been the best received, maintains the same line of energetic sounds that perfectly combine Williams' voice with Taylor's guitar. The album, then, promises to be less melancholic than the previous one. The three new songs have shown the synergy of the three members to produce an album with fresh and energetic melodies that bring together the best of classic Paramore with modern.

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Latin American tour

In October 2022, Paramore announced through its official networks its return to Latin America in the first quarter of next year, ideal for advertising "This is Why". The tour will take place over twelve days in various countries. The South American recitals will begin on March 2nd in Peru and the last one will be on March 14th in Colombia.

Paramore's short stint in Latin America has sparked great interest from the group's audiences in the region, who yearn to dance and sing to the rhythm of the always energetic Hayley Williams, who usually easily appropriates the stage with her magnetism and charisma.

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