Review of “Black Adam”, The Resurgence of the DC Extended Universe

The New Film by the Famous Dwayne Johnson Sweeps the Box Office After its Premiere, this is Our Review of "Black Adam".

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On October 21, the new installment of DC Comics "Black Adam" was released in theaters, starring actor Dwayne Johnson, better known for his character "The Rock", who lasted several years behind this project. The film had a great start internationally and became the Rock's highest-grossing film.

The film, directed by the Spanish Jaume Collet-Serra (who had already worked with Johnson in "Jungle Cruise"), is part of the development of new characters from the DC film universe, which introduces us to a relentless anti-hero who faces to the Justice Society.

What is "Black Adam" about?

The new film from Warner Bros Pictures tells the story of Thet Adam, a man endowed with superpowers of the ancient Egyptian gods and who, after anger and pain at the loss of his family, ends up imprisoned for many centuries. 5000 years later, Adrianna Tomaz (Sarah Shahi), who plays a teacher and member of the Kahndaq resistance, undertakes the search for the tomb of Teth Adam to obtain the Crown of Sabbac, to protect it from the invading forces and it is here when Black Adam is released, in a time where modern heroes protect the streets.

The character will seek to impart justice by his own means and will meet other heroes who are part of the justice society such as Hawkman played by Aldis Hodge, Doctor Fate by Pierce Brosnan, Atom Sascher (Noah Centieno) and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell). It is a risky bet of the industry, since the antihero is little known beyond the comic.

The plot of the film exposes an interesting debate on the concept of justice, the way it is imparted and the limits that this entails for a superhero. These nuances between justice and revenge that can be seen throughout the film were achieved in an exceptional way by its protagonist. Likewise, it offers the public an accelerated journey through spectacular fight sequences, the destruction of entire cities, small hits of humor, and some characters without powers, but who play a prominent role in the story.

After only a few days on the billboard, the first reactions have not been long in coming, despite its great box office success, international critics have not responded in the same way to the call of Black Adam, from which they expected a much darker version of the DC Universe, commanded by an anti-hero with a somewhat distorted sense of justice, and that in the end does not differ much from the rest of the franchise.

Despite some slow-motion sequences that don't quite manage to be very epic, the film manages to envelop and offer its audience action at its best and some impressive settings, giving credence to the genre to which it belongs. Dwayne Johnson (who gave life to Black Adam, with his characteristic inexpressiveness, his well-known action skills and his imposing rough and strong physique) fits in an extraordinary way in the image that he wanted to achieve, a role for which he was undoubtedly born for.

It is an entertaining proposal that revolves around the motivations of its main star. Another of the characters, whose performance manages to stand out and establish that magnetism with the public, is undoubtedly Pierce Brosnan, former 007, who with his particular charisma and great career manages to embody Doctor Fate. A subtle and very well executed role that leaves us with several moments to remember. In general, a cast that, as a whole, stands out for its great acting work.

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Spoiler alert!

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the post-credit scenes that generate so much expectation among fans, also known in the world of Marvel. The footage shows Black Adam himself in his new quarters at Kahndaq Palace, when suddenly a drone comes into view, stops in front of him and projects a message from the unforgettable Amanda Waller, played by Oscar winner Viola Davis, warning him that Kanhdaq will be his new prison, Adam's response: “there is no one on this planet who can stop me”.

Waller replies that she also has allies who are not of this world and that is when Superman (Henry Cavill) appears, and says: “Black Adam, we should talk”, to which he responds with a defiant smile. The implications are mind-boggling, not only because Superman is once again active in the franchise after years of absence, but it can even be predicted that in an upcoming installment, Superman and Black Adam will exchange more than just words.

In short, Black Adam as a film in itself does not imply anything particularly innovative or original compared to what has already been seen in recent years in the superhero genre. However, it is noted that it is an entertaining, popcorn film that, beyond the good and the bad, puts on the table an interesting reflection on the concept of justice, something that is not common in productions of this genre and is the first taste of a new era for the DC universe.

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