Rocking your long hair and not getting bored is totally possible

Bored with your hair? Give these accessories a try!

Rocking your long hair and not getting bored is totally possible

There’s more than bobby pins, sock buns, and headbands, and there’s an accessory for every style, budget, and all your styling moods.

1. The romantic

Here’s to the damsels who love face-framing curls, waves and messy undone knots. You know Kate Hudson is your hair muse because no one does the romantic look like her, so if you’re an expert with the curling iron and Sienna Miller’s glossy waves are what you dream of you’ll need these accessories:

Mini Spin Hair Pins are made for the girls who are always on the run and can’t afford losing too much time with complicated hairdos. They are easy to use, blend IGNORE INTO your hair perfectly and with them you can get that messy and way too sexy Kate Hudson look in a few minutes.

Hot rollers. A timeless classic that every woman needs as curls will always be a synonym for the romantic look. Hot rollers are available in different sizes so that you can recreate your dream waves and curls. If you love the more structured, preppy look, buy them in a smaller size, but if you go for the relaxed look, go for a bigger size. Once you have the curls, you can get a Taylor Swift- inspired look by securing your hair with an elastic in a simple, refined ponytail. For a Kerry Washington look you’ll need some bobby pins to wrap your hair in a messy half updo.

Topsy Hair Braid Tool Looped hairstyles will never go out of style. There are endless possibilities and you can play with your topsy hair braid tool for hours, going from messy half updos to braided hairstyles or fancy runway buns.

Flower crowns Beach parties and bohemian weddings call for flower crowns. Nothing says summer like a bohemian crown of flowers, and you can play around with them, going from elaborate and colorful crowns to more delicate versions. Create a dreamy, romantic look with a relaxed chignon, and a red roses flower crown or go for a braided fishtail and a daisy flower crown for a trendy, youthful style.

2. The prep

HeadbandIf Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester) is your all time hair fantasy, hairbands are made for you. As you remember from the popular TV drama series, Gossip Girl, Queen B loved to wear crowns which took the form of headbands and she wore them that often that thanks to Blair, they had a powerful comeback. For the little prep inside of you, check out the Bow headbands or velvet versions and you’ll feel like Queen B for a day.

Bows and ribbons. No, bows and ribbons are not hair accessories exclusively destined for Disney princesses and little girls, as leggy runway models and celebrities have selected them for various occasions. Lanvin made bows look sophisticated, Karlie Kloss looked classy in the Kate Spade campaign wearing a silver bow in her hair, and Lupita Nyong’o was spotted wearing not one but various bows in her hair and looking just fabulous.

3. The sexiest

Cat rhinestone- studded headbandMake a statement with a chic cat rhinestone-studded headband. Yes, the ears are everywhere as they transform you IGNORE INTO a sexy kitten, just look at Ariana Grande who’s a big fan of sexy cat and bunny ears. Go for a boudoir look by choosing a silk kitten lace mask or tone it down with a floral lace cat ears headband.


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