The rise of e-sports in times of quarantine

Sports competition continues, this time, online.

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The coronavirus may have virtually eradicated all sporting events, but it is unable to stop the competitive spirit of humans. Proof of this is that in different communities around the world they have begun to organize various e-sports competitions, or virtual sports, to entertain the community. Here at LatinAmerican Post, we present the most notable ones.

The La Liga FIFA20 tournament

On March 22, 19 players from the Spanish League broadcast a tournament of the FIFA20 video game via Youtube and Twitch and the official channels of the league. The event was also broadcast on some Spanish television channels for over a million viewers.

In the tournament, the Real Madrid forward, Marco Arsenio, beat Aitro Ruibal of Leganés to take the victory. The charitable nature of the tournament, which was organized to combat the coronavirus, was supported by members of the Spanish community.

Virtual series of the Grand Prix of Formula One

Formula One, like Spanish football, seems to have found a solution to quarantine in the world of virtual sports.

Virtual races will take place on each of the dates that had been scheduled for each Grand Prix, starting with the one in Bahrain. The first competition already took place on Saturday the 22nd. According to the Formúla Uno website, “The series will use the official PC F1 video game 2019, developed by Codemasters … During weekends without races, Formula 1 will also host online exhibition races where fans from around the world will have the opportunity to come face to face with F1 drivers. ”


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An opportunity to discover the world of video games

It goes without saying that the majority of video game leagues had an easier transition to the world of online competitions than traditional sports leagues. The Overwatch, Call Of Duty, and League of Legends leagues have all made a quick turnaround to the world of online competition.

This does not mean, however, that such adaptation has been easy, or beneficial, for professional players in these sports. To explain it in a friendly way to those who do not know the world of video games so well, it is always more convenient to play locally (on the same console as someone else) than online (through an Internet connection).

This is because the commands that the players perform are automatically processed when the games are done locally, while there is always a delay (however small) between what the players do and what happens in the game. when the connection is online. On a professional level, these microseconds of delay can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

However, this does not mean that it is not worth taking advantage of the crisis to explore the world of e-sports. It is a part of the human experience that we often dismiss and that can be as competitive, interesting and thoughtful as real-life sports.

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