Stephen King: the best horror king novels

The birthday of the famous writer allowed us to review all his work and select some essential books

The birthday of the famous writer allowed us to review all his work and select some essential books.

Stephen King and cover of the book 'The Shining'

These are some of the most famous works of the renowned writer. / Photos: Flickr / Stephanie Lawton, amazon.com

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When we talk about horror, a name automatically comes to mind: Stephen King. According to what the Filo News website mentions, the writer turned 73, being a true master of this genre, since many of his works were adapted with enormous success to the cinematographic field, although his books are also widely recognized.

Although most of us know most of the works based on his novels, such as the movies It, The Green Mile or The Shawshank Redemption, in the field of literature it is much more complicated and complex.

We are talking about an author who has more than 70 books, as revealed by the Excentrya website. Therefore, a person who wants to enter their world may not know very well which are the best stories to know. Therefore, we decided to choose the most essential works so that you get to know Stephen King in depth.

Carrie (1974)

It is the first novel to be published by the American writer, being quite controversial to the point where it was censored in many schools in the United States. According to the website of El Pirata, this reached the point where it was censored in Finland due to its great violence.

According to what the website of Between Pixels and Pages mentions, it is a "chilling case of a young woman with an insignificant appearance", who ended up transforming into a being with abnormal powers. Therefore, it is ideal if you are looking to observe an adolescence transformed by fear and revenge.

The Shining (1977)

Here we have Stephen King's third horror novel. In this case, we will know the story of Danny Torrace, a person who was traumatized and with anger and alcohol problems as a result of his own father's problems. After a while, he will meet Abra, a woman who will possess the same psychic abilities as him.

From Generación Reader they comment that the story is told of a “totally broken” family , ready to undertake one last trip to solve problems. Therefore, all the problems within a family will be observed, knowing each one of the conflicts in the bonds that exist there.

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It (1986)

One of the most popular novels of this writer, which has a childish atmosphere, that gives an even more gloomy subject to the matter. In this case, we will learn the story of a group of seven children, who are regularly frightened by a monster that has the ability to change shape thanks to the terror of its victims.

Then, we will know the fictional city of Derry (Maine), where the evil monster will appear identified as the clown Pennywise. The HobbyConsolas website highlights that the possibility of facing their fears will allow children to pass "in a traumatic way into adulthood", where issues such as homophobia, abuse or social inequality can be evidenced.

Under the Dome (2009)

Finally, we have a science fiction novel, where the author explores fear, although without the need for a frightening figure to exist. In this case, it is asked how people's behavior evolves under extreme circumstances, as it happens here after they are separated from society through a mysterious giant dome.

According to the specialized media More Culture, the book reveals “the true nature of man”, since we will know all the links of Chester's Mill, a small town in Maine, where the inhabitants begin to run out of resources due to the invisible barrier that surrounds them and prevents them from escaping.

Therefore, getting started in all these books can be perfect for you to meet the "master of horror" , as mentioned on the Actualidad Literatura website. If you have always been passionate about knowing the psychology of fear and human relationships, it is essential that you delve into the fantastic universe that this famous author proposes.


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