Stranger Things 4: the long-awaited premiere of the fourth season

Horror returns to Netflix. We bring you everything you need to know about the fourth season of "Stranger Things" .

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There is no date that does not arrive, nor deadline that is not met. After almost three years of waiting, the long-awaited fourth season volume one of "Stranger Things" finally arrives on Netflix. The series broke the record for the most-watched on said platform, since a few hours after its premiere it reached 286.7 million hours of views. In this article, we present what this new season is about.

Terror Returns to Hawkings

Dustin and Mike belong to a club that meets to play "Dungeons & Dragons" led by Eddie, a friend from school who has repeated the year a couple of times, a garage musician, and a drug dealer. For his part, Lucas now plays basketball and little by little begins to relate to the popular kids at school, while Max deals with the guilt of Billy's death and the family consequences that this brought. Nancy is still working at the local newspaper and trying to maintain a long-distance relationship with Jonathan. Joyce, with Ce (Eleven) and their children Will and Jonathan, starts a new life in California where Ce is not having a good time due to being bullied at school. On the other hand, Hopper will try at all costs to survive the Russians and devises a plan to escape.

Strange things happen again in Hawkings, Indiana, after Chrissy, a cheerleader and girlfriend of the basketball team captain is possessed and killed by Vacna, a new demon, before the eyes of Eddie who helped Dustin, Max, Steve, Robin, and has to go into hiding after being accused of said murder. Mike travels to California to see Ce but realizes that she is not having as good of a time as she had led him to believe. Meanwhile, Joyce goes on a journey to try to rescue Hopper. Ce will have to deal with the past in order to get her powers back.

Netflix Repeats the Same Formula

"Stranger Things" repeats the formula of other seasons, where the characters meet in various teams to investigate the problems that arise, and in the end, they all come together to fight the bad guy. In this first part of season four, you can kind of get a sense of where the story is going, in that at some point they're all going to get together. However, the way they do it is really quite entertaining, as it maintains a very agile pace. In this season so many things happen at the same time, that you go from suspense to science fiction, to terror and drama, among other emotions. It really becomes light and very easy to enjoy.

Among the new issues it addresses are bullying, mental health, and the problems faced by boys in search of their own identity. Regarding adults, it addresses the issue of decision-making regarding the future and the consequences of acts. Finally, it delves a bit into the issue of sexual diversity that is heading to be developed in the future. In addition, it is contextualized by referring to the satanic panic that was experienced in the eighties. It takes up some characters from the past who were, perhaps not important, but emblematic.

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The growth of the protagonists of this story has been inevitable. Also, let's add the time that elapsed from the third to the fourth season. However, this series has generally known how to grow alongside its children's characters, confronting them with problems according to their age. But, the same does not happen with the adolescent/adult characters like Jonathan, Steve, and Nancy, since the children do not look so young anymore and they give the impression that at least a year has passed (you still believe them that they are in the school). In this sense, the other characters, give the impression that they have stagnated, that they are still undecided about the university and their future plans and you don't end up believing it.

Since its premiere, on July 15, 2016, "Stranger Things" has been talked about and it is not for less. It is a new story, with good special effects, endearing characters, and great performances. For those people who have never seen it, it is a good time to start watching it and for those who are fans, we are sure that they are looking forward to volume two of the fourth season that will be released on July 1st. Let's hope it keeps up with the pace of this first part and is just as entertaining.

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