The 5 best films in which Joaquin Phoenix acts

Oscar-winner of the best actor of the year for his performance in Joker, we decided to make a top of his 5 best films.

Joaquin Phoenix is the man of the moment. His huge performance in the movie Joker earned him an Oscar award for the best leading male performance of the year, so there are already many people who want to find out more about the filmography of this authentic artist.

Thus, we decided to make a review of all his roles to choose the top 5,  picking those with relevance in history and those that dazzle us with the different roles he plays perfectly.

5. Irrational Man (2015)

A film by Woody Allen where he plays an old professor of philosophy who suffers from an existential crisis until fate begins a relationship with one of his students, Jill, played by Emma Stone.


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In spite of the enormous popularity that this director is known to have, the reality is that critics did not support the film too much. According to the specialized Metacritic media, this film has a score of 53, somewhat low in terms of Woody Allen.

However, the role of Joaquin Phoenix, which is Abe here, is really good, showing us how easy it is for him to change his way of perceiving life from one moment to the next.

4. Gladiator (2000)

In this case, we see a really hateful Joaquin Phoenix. This film by Ridley Scott is one of the samples of the artistic ability of this actor, who perfectly plays Commodus, the immoral son of Marco Aurelio that you cannot bear to see on the screen.

The merits of this film are many, such as its fantastic staging, but the reality is that at that time you could already see how good this kind of performance suited him.

3. The Master (2002)

This film by Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the best performances of Joaquin Phoenix, who plays Freddie Quell in it. At one point in the movie, this character must tell the truth, so he maintains eye contact that is not interrupted by anything in the world, demonstrating the ability of the actor to get into a complicated role.

Similarly, Freddie Quell is a perverted person, in the sense that he wishes to kill a man and have incestuous relationships with his aunt , something you come to believe as if he were real because of the firmness he expresses in his feelings.

2. Joker (2019)

As you imagined, Joker could not miss this list. If in the previous three films we found traces of madness and irritability, here we can see that this type of role suits Joaquin Phoenix perfectly, although the way in which he demonstrated the origin of his feelings was also especially good.


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Few thought that this character would make us forget that of Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight trilogy, but the reality is that the story of this character has a tragic background that was explained perfectly, because he is a villain, but also a victim of society, so you get to empathize with him but also you fear him.

1. Her (2013)

In this Spike Jonze film we see Joaquin Phoenix in all his splendor. This is a film that is perhaps not as well known, but was excellently received by critics, as evidenced by the 95% consensus of the Tomatazos media.


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Here we can see a deep character, who falls in love with an operating system that has the voice of Scarlett Johansson. Topics such as loneliness in an increasingly connected world are discussed, although with a strong feeling of humanity, to the point where no other body is needed to love, Joaquín perfectly expresses these emotions.

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