NBA All-Star: 5 historical Slam Dunks

Relive some of the most impressive dunks of this contest with LatinAmerican Post.

Aaron Gordon jumping on the Orlando Magic mascot.

Aaron Gordon jumping on the Orlando Magic mascot. / Photo:

LatinAmerican Post | Juan Manuel Londoño

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Since the 1984 All-Star, the NBA Slam Dunks contest has been one of the best opportunities for fans to see one of the moves that excites them most in basketball: the dive. As a reason for this weekend's All-Star weekend, here at LatinamericanPost we bring you some of the best diving in its history.

1. Aaron Gordon jumps on a pet

In perhaps one of the most impressive athletic demonstrations of all time, in 2016 Aaron Gordon, current Orlando Magic player, dived after having jumped on a pet and passed the ball under his legs. The most impressive thing is that Gordon still lost that year's contest to Zach Lavine, in one of the most contested decisions according to NBA fans. Still, it is undeniable that this dive was out of this world. This year Gordon lost to Derrick Jones despite a spectacular performance. Will he ever win the contest?

2. Micheal Jordan nails from the free-throw line

The 1988 dive contest is recognized by fans as one of the best of all time. In it, Micheal Jordan and Dominique Wilkins, another dominant player of the time. Jordan won this contest with another dive, but this is perhaps his most iconic. Seeing this dive is obvious to realize why Jordan was considered an alien at the time.

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3. Derrick Jones Jr combines several techniques in an impressive demonstration

This year's highlight of the night was, definitely, the duel between Derrick Jones Jr and Aaron Gordon. Despite the controversial ending, in which Jones won over Gordon, it should not be ruled out that the former made a couple of dives that took more than one breath away. This is the case of this attempt, in which Jones jumped on a man, received the ball after it bounced against the board and passed it between his legs before nailing it. Without a doubt, a demonstration never seen before and deserving of winning the contest.

4. Blake Griffin jumps above a KIA

One of the most spectacular dives on this list came from the hands of Blake Griffin, the current player of the Pistons. In 2011 he took the victory of the diving contest when he jumped on a Kia Optima, while a chorus behind him sang the song "I believe I can fly". At that time, we also came to think that Blake Griffin could fly.

5. Hamidou Diallo jumps above Shaq

One of the most memorable moments of last year was when Hamilou Diallo, the current guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder, jumped over Shaquille O'Neal, the former and legendary Laker, to take the victory in that contest. As a reference to his jump, Shaq measures two meters and 16 centimeters.

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