The 5 movie actors who made the most money in 2020

Despite being a year with few releases due to the pandemic, these actors made huge profits through their work .

Ryan reynolds

These are some of the actors who reported higher income this year. / Photo: IG / vancityreynolds

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Since the start of the quarantine in mid-March, cinemas have had to close their theaters and the production companies have paralyzed their filming, in the same way, films soon to be released had to be postponed without yet having a defined date, for example Disney had to suspend the debut of Mulan in theaters, which was scheduled to hit theaters on March 27, however, it was delayed to July 24, but this date would not be the appropriate one, so it was again suspended indefinitely, this would only be one of many films that were inhibited from being shown on the big screen, according to the newspaper El Nacional.

Where is quarantined cinema seen?

Technology, as in almost every aspect of life during the quarantine, became the solution for the world of cinema, in this case through streaming platforms such as Netflix and many others, to the point that approximately 20% of the earnings of the highest paid actors come from contracts with Netflix, as reported by Infobae, and this type of medium has grown rapidly due to confinement, El Universal reports that HBO GO grew by 326% since March. 

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Local platforms also benefit, such as Cinear Play, a support developed by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina in conjunction with the State Telecommunications company, which increased its views to double during this quarantine in comparison as of 2019, according to Plataformas News. In the case of the film Mulán, Disney ended up deciding that it would be released on September 4 on its Disney Plus platform, although they assured that this will only be an exception and not a new standard, according to Espinof.

The 5 highest paid actors

According to the medium specialized in financial matters, Forbes, these are the actors with the highest income during 2020.

5. Vin Diesel

The American actor and protagonist of the Fast and Furious saga received a "cut" in his income by not obtaining full payment for the latest Fast and Furious 9 movie due to the delay in the premiere, the same happened with Bloodshot where he is also the main actor However, thanks to his work for Netflix on the animated series Fast & Furious Spy Races, the 53-year-old actor earned a total income of $ 53 million.

4. Ben Affleck

The 48-year-old actor returned to the big screen in 2020 as the protagonist in films such as The Way Back produced by Warner Bros Pictures, Netflix's The Last Thing He Wanted and the still-unreleased Hypnotic, generating a total of 55 million dollars this 2020 .

3. Mark Wahlberg

Con Spenser Confidential, Netflix es “mucho más atrevido” que Hollywood, revela Mark Wahlberg
https://t.co/g9jfVr9oVA pic.twitter.com/VkupYHu6B7

— Sin Embargo MX (@SinEmbargoMX) March 3, 2020

Streaming platforms generated almost all of Wahlberg's income this year, with his performance for Netflix in Spenser Confidential, on HBO he produced the documentary series McMillions and in Quibi he also works as an executive producer on the series Run This City, in the end Mark has entered 58 million dollars according to Forbes.

2. Ryan Reynolds

The protagonist of Deadpool has been widely benefited by Netflix, receiving more than 20 million dollars for each film released for the platform, it is also known that he is working on another film for Netflix as well as an adaptation with Apple TV +, the 43-year-old American actor earned this 2020 an income of 71.5 million dollars.

1. Dwayne Johnson

Better known as "The Rock", the 48-year-old American actor is back in the first place for the second year in a row , this time thanks to his Netflix movie Red Notice where he received 23.5 million dollars, he also works as a villain in a future DC Comics film, although his Project Rock clothing line for Under Armor also generated significant profits, totaling $ 87.5 million according to Forbes.



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