The 7 Most Anticipated Premieres of Streaming Platforms for February

Don't know what to watch on your favorite streaming platform? Don't worry. Take a look at our monthly guide and find out which will be the most anticipated releases for February.

Stills from 'All That Breathes', 'You', 'Sharper'

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2023 begins to pick up speed and already in the blink of an eye we reach February, a month that will make us breathe a lot of love. Certainly, the different streaming platforms will give us a lot of content of this style, but the most anticipated releases of the month will have a different perspective. What surprises will Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, Paramount+ and Star+ bring? Come and find out in our monthly guide!

"All That Breathes" (February 8th – HBO Max)

We start February with a documentary that is nominated for an Oscar in its category. Directed by Shaunak Sen, this production follows two brothers from New Delhi who are dedicated to rescuing injured black kites. It is worth noting that behind the relationship between the family and the birds there is a crude context, since the environmental contamination and the civil disturbances that the city is experiencing show a deep social crisis.

"You" (February 9th – Netflix)

Are you ready for the fourth season of one of the Netflix franchise series? After Joe murdered again, this time his wife, he decided to fake his death, but actually fled to London. Now we will see how his life will have some changes when he becomes a witness of a series of murders that affects the elite of the city. The season will consist of 10 episodes divided into two parts.

"At Midnight" (February 10th – Paramount+)

Diego Boneta stars in the romantic comedy of the month. In this story we will meet Alejandro, a hotel manager, and Sophie, a movie star, who will cross paths in a fun way. Both try to achieve their goals, and although they have a different lifestyle, they will feel an attraction that will lead them to meet in secret at midnight. The film is directed by Jonah Feingold and also has the interpretation of Monica Barbaro.

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"Manes" (February 15th – Prime Video)

Prime Video will seek to solve the question if all men are equal. For now, we can assure you that the Colombian series is shaping up to be the next Latin American streaming sensation, and boy does it have material for that. The plot narrates the complex dynamics of relationships between women and men in a digital age. Laura Londoño and Sebastián Carvajal lead a cast full of national talent.

"J-hope In the Box" (February 17 – Disney+)

The musical touch in February will be placed by Disney + with a documentary expected by many people around the world. After the momentary separation of BTS, several of its members have chosen to work alone, and J-hope is one of them. In this project, we will follow him behind the scenes in what was the creation of his solo album, in addition to his tremendous performance as a main figure at Lollapalooza.

"Sharper" (February 17th – Apple TV)

Whether it's series or movies, Apple TV original productions continue to attract people's attention. On this occasion, he will premiere a feature film that promises to be the most attractive of 2023. This psychological thriller will take place in New York and will explore each of the darkest corners of the city, where nothing is as it seems. The cast is made up of Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, Justice Smith and John Lithgow, who are directed by Benjamin Caron.

"Fleishman Is in Trouble" (February 22nd – Star+)

Jesse Eisenberg, Claire Danes and Lizzy Caplan will bring this true-to-life story to life. Toby is a recently divorced forty-something who gives dating apps a try, something that will make him find the success he never had as a young man. However, when his ex-wife disappears without a trace, he must take care of his children and also deal with a series of events that will not allow him to find out the truth behind the mystery.

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