The 90s hits that Marie Fredriksson left

The vocalist of the Swedish duo Roxette died last Tuesday, December 10. Here we gather her best hits.

Marie Fredriksson in the music videos of the songs 'The look' and 'Joyride' by Roxette.

Marie Fredriksson in the music videos of the songs ‘The look’ and ‘Joyride’ by Roxette. / Photo: youtube.com/Roxette

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On Tuesday, the unfortunate death of Marie Fredriksson, vocalist of the Swedish duo Roxette, the legendary group that had climaxed in their career in the 1990s was reported. The singer's death, at 61, occurred because of a brain tumor that she had been fighting with for the past 17 years.

In addition to the super-recognized ABBA, Roxette is the other Swedish group with the most international recognition. Founded in 1986 by Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, Roxette won several awards in the music industry and was the first non-English-speaking band to record an MTV Unplugged. We owe this group many successes that resonate even on the head of new generations. Here some of them.

The look

Although founded in 1986, Roxette achieved international fame in 1989 with its super hit 'The Look'. With this song, the group not only opened the door of the nineties but also made its way between the American and English bands that seemed to have a monopoly on pop-rock.

According to Xavi Sancho, from El País, this song reached American ears through a student from Minneapolis who had traveled to Sweden and had returned with a Roxette record, the third of its discography. In this way, 'The Look' would begin to sound first on university stations, and then be one of the most recognized songs of the decade.

It Must Have Been Love

They got the number 1 position in the United States with their success 'It Must Have Been Love'. This song, which is still played at weddings, was part of the soundtrack of Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, which was also a success that inaugurated the romantic comedy of the nineties. It is a heartbreak song that marked the year 1990.

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In 1991 Roxette released its album Joyride, whose main theme was homonymous to the album. They would have arrived to prove that they were not a single hit band. This song reached the top of Billboard in the United States and the world. With more romantic lyrics than 'The Look', 'Joyride' has a more cheerful tone while keeping its pop-rock principles.

Sleeping in my Car

In 1994, Roxette releases its fifth studio album, Crash! Boom! Bang! and the first single was 'Sleeping in my Car'. They returned with a harder and more psychedelic sound. They had already abandoned the pop a bit and they had stayed more with a rocking sound . We saw in the video a rougher Marie Fredriksson, dressed in leather and with even shorter hair than before.

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Un día sin ti

Impossible to leave out the success with which they became famous in Latin America and Spain. In 1996 Roxette released his album Baladas en español, in which he adapted his best hits to the Spanish language. 'Un día sin ti' is the adaptation of his 1991 success, 'Spending my Time', in it we hear Marie Fredriksson singing a perfect Spanish.

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