The Culture of Cancellation: Who Have They Condemned?

Today, thanks to social media, one voice can start a movement and a collection of voices can change public opinion. These are four famous cancellation cases.

Author J.K. Rowling and Michael Jackson

The culture of cancellation was born as a result of the power that social networks have given to the people and the masses to amplify their voice and their message. Photos: Executive Office of the President, Georges Biard

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The culture of cancellation was born as a result of the power that social networks have given to the people and the masses to amplify their voice and their message. Individuals are able to share their opinions and complaints not only with their personal networks but directly with companies. Why do we cancel brands of our lives? How long does the cancellation last? And what does it take to return to a favorable public opinion?

A study on the culture of cancellation 2021, by Porter Novelli, conducted in the United States found that 72% of the people surveyed feel empowered by publicly sharing their thoughts and opinions about companies, 38% would cancel a company so that the organization change, while only 14% would terminate a company permanently. Also, a little over a third, that is, 34% say they would cancel the brand for a year or less and 72% would be less able to cancel a brand that has a clear purpose. Even 66% of those surveyed say that even if they love a company's products or services, they would cancel the company if it did something bad or offensive. However, 84% of consumers would be willing to forgive a company for making a mistake if they realize that the company is genuinely trying to change.

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On the other hand, it was observed that 7 out of 10 Americans say they would cancel a brand that has said or done something offensive in relation to racial justice or other issues such as: women's rights (69%), COVID-19 protocols (68%), immigration (61%), religion (57%), LGBT + (57%), climate change (57%) and politics (54%). That is why some celebrities have been involved, either for or against, in these types of events:

JK Rowling

The cancellation of the famous writer gave her a rebound effect, that is, it is one of the cases that has benefited. After having made a comment on Twitter in relation to transsexuals, she had a wave of offending fans and was accused as transphobic. However, his apologies only served to boost the situation, and his sales have increased by as much as 27%.

J. Balvin

Another case, which has been canceled since the beginning of May, when Balvin publicly expressed his support for Chris Brown, who was arrested in Paris for being accused of rape and also assaulted Rihanna in 2009. This case was triggered by an emoji in a Justin Bieber post, where he couldn't wait for Brown to die to give him the credits he deserves. The Colombian singer made a comment adding to the opinion of the Canadian, being that enough to unleash the ire of his followers. After that event, the name of the Colombian singer began to appear next to the word "canceled" on all social networks.

On the other hand, his apologies did not convince many of his followers, they had even decided to eliminate him from their lives.

J Balvin es cancelado en Twitter luego de que bromeara junto con Maluma y Will I Am sobre el perfeccionismo de Shakira. #MTVNewsLA ???? pic.twitter.com/5jj8Yd4fq0

— MTVLA (@MTVLA) June 25, 2020

Michael Jackson

The premiere of the documentary "Leaving Neverland", directed by Dan Reed in 2019, compiles testimonies from 2 victims that relate how they were sexually abused by the so-called King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Later, he faced a cancellation, due to the fact that he presented several accusations of sexual abuse in children, something that the world already knew, but always wanted to hide almost a decade after his death.

The descriptions of Jackson's abuse make the entire movie a heartbreaking experience. Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who are the victims of the documentary, narrated how it was that Michael Jackson manipulated them to become his close friend when they were only 7 and 11 years old, he played with them to have oral sex and masturbate, for them it didn't mean anything.

Robert Kelly

The king of R&B has not stopped sounding in the international media, due to the accusations of abuse of women that continue to be added, while he tries to deny any type of comment against him. He has been in his career for more than 30 years and has sold more than 60 million records, reaching various recognitions worldwide. However, behind the musical successes, there was an alternate life that did not go unnoticed. He has a past of domestic violence and assault and is currently accused of repeating the same patterns.

On the other hand, the artist has always rejected the accusations and has aimed at his fame, to be surrounded by women. The premiere of the mini TV series "Surviving R. Kelly" has generated a wave of revulsion never seen before.

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