The New Billie Eilish: How New is She?

Billie Eilish causes anger in her fans because she has manifested being against the music industry for sexualization.

Billie eilish

Billie Eilish at just 19 years old was criticized by her fans on social networks for sexualizing her body for the cover of Vogue Magazine. Photo: IG-billieeilish

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Billie Eilish at just 19 years old was criticized by her fans on social networks for sexualizing her body for the cover of Vogue Magazine. This caused annoyance because the young woman is a women's rights activist and has repeatedly spoken out against the music industry for sexualizing the bodies of teenage singers. Although in the interview, she emphasizes the abuse or uncomfortable circumstances that women experience during her life, the fans did not consider it important and pointed it out.

He spoke uncensored about the sexualization that has been done to his body in the music sector. However, the artist has arranged how and when to show her body, without being carried away by trends or the impositions of an industry that continues to sexualize the female image among musical artists. She has kept her body positive and feminist discourse firm, stating that it is about what makes you feel good, alluding to the clothes she has chosen.

On the other hand, one of the topics that were touched on was the abuse suffered during his childhood. The singer made a complete transformation that has to do with her new song, which is titled "Your Power", which she called an open letter to people who take advantage of it. This single is broken down from his second album "Happier Than Every", touching on the subject of abusers who exploit underage girls.


Other celebrities who have been sexualized since their teens

Britney Spears

Spears was deliberately sexualized as a minor by record executives. This fact was ignored for many years. Although it seems inconceivable, one of the issues was her virginity. In addition, we have all been participants in the sexism, the spectacle, and the morbid that has been generated against her, because of that her mental health was affected and it cost her freedom.

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Miley Cyrus

Another case is the actress Miley Cyrus who has gone through many and diverse stages in her life since she started as an actress at Disney and then rose to fame as a great singer. The artist has lived through many experiences and very quickly reach adulthood, undergoing transformations throughout her professional and personal career.

On the other hand, the pop star says that she had to tone down her image since the message she was promoting was lost among so many controversies directed at her. At first, her profile was a cry of female authority, however, it reached a point where the singer felt sexualized.

Justin Bieber

The music industry has sexualized the image of many young people by not only focusing on the female aspect but also on that of men, a clear example is Canadian idol Justin Bieber who began his musical career when he was 16 years old. He had great talent, but he had been sold on his sexuality. However, sexualization seems to be the secret formula to evolve and extend the success of these teen promises.

In short, the fact that young celebrities are sexualized in the music industry is a phenomenon that needs to be studied in the best way, so that it does not continue to affect adolescent actors.

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