The story behind Maluma and Neymar’s drama

We have already been tracking this gossip for a week, here we have it summarized .

Maluma and Neymar JR

We tell you what is known about this controversy that has been very popular in recent days. / Photos: IG / maluma, IG / neymarjr

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Much has been said and joked with the story of the love triangle involving the PSG player and the Paisa reggaeton star. It is about the tirade by social networks of Neymar and Maluma. This gossip has been going on for a week, but the truth is this is a drama that has been going on for months. To keep you updated on the situation, we make here a timeline for you to draw your own conclusions about this story of love and friendship.


A first courtship


Una publicación compartida de MALUMA (@maluma) el

A few months ago, Maluma's dating relationship with model Natalia Barulich was known. Since October of last year they started dating and their relationship was made public, as both shared it on social networks. However, since February this year, it was rumored that the singer and the model would have ended their relationship and that she had quickly become involved with the Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr.


Confirmation of a rumor


Una publicación compartida de (@natalia) el

The model, partly known for starring in some of Maluma's music videos, confirmed the rumors of her romance with Neymar when, a few months ago, the footballer began to make several appearances on his social networks . They have done magazine covers together and their relationship is official for some time.


Hawaii and the beginning of hints

At the end of July this year, Maluma released Hawaii, a song that claims in its choir that his ex-girlfriend is not happy with her new boyfriend. The song is about a woman who posts photos with her new boyfriend on Instagram just for her ex to see. Much was said that Maluma, in the place of Natalia's ex-partner, was still hurt by his ex-girlfriend's relationship with, some say, his friend.


Neymar strikes back


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Last week, then, after the football victory of PSG, the team in which Neymar plays, the Brazilian star uploaded a video to his Instagram stories with his teammates celebrating while singing Hawaii. For some this was a cruel gesture and a slap in the face that he laughed at these feelings of the reggaeton singer. Maluma, then, closed all his social networks and all his followers thought for a second that the reggaeton singer needed to withdraw from the public sphere because he was very hurt to face the rumors.

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A new record


Una publicación compartida de MALUMA (@maluma) el

However, neither slow nor lazy, the reggaeton was preparing a surprise: a new album. Thus, the day after having closed his social networks, Maluma reopens them and makes a live broadcast from his Instagram account in which he got drunk with his friends and presented his new album: Papi Juancho. Thus, since Friday of last week we have already been singing and dancing to his new songs, which have been a resounding success thanks, in part, to all the drama of the love triangle, of which we considered him the loser.


A football victory


Una publicación compartida de CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE(@fcbayern) el

To finish this story, this Sunday Bayern won the Champions League final. Thus, PSG, Neymar's team, withdrew from the field in second place. Endless have been the jokes about who is the real loser in this love story and about the Bayern players avenging Maluma. In any case, this love triangle between celebrities has left us a whole disk of songs to dance to.



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