The Tribute To Taylor Hawkins And Streaming As The Future Music

Travis Barkker, Liam Gallagher, Kesha, Nile Rodgers, Lars Ulrich, Roger Taylor, Wolfgang Van Halen, Miley Cyrus, P!nk, Gene Simmons and Mark Ronson, among others, joined Foo Fighters to pay tribute to Taylor Hawkins. The recording is now housed at Paramount+.

Foo Fighters Tribute to Taylor Hawkins

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Saying that streaming platforms only stick to movies, series or documentaries is somewhat outdated. With the broadcast of the tribute concert to Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer who passed away in March, the incursion of concerts to large platforms such as Paramount +  was boosted. Netflix and Hulu have also hosted big concerts in the past.

Streaming concerts were a nascent reality that, thanks to the pandemic, had an accelerated development. Due to the ban on public shows, artists and bands could only perform digitally. 

Since then, the platforms, which have already covered live events such as matches of different sports, plays, or even fairs, saw this field as a new opportunity to diversify their content.

Concert platforms

There are two applications that were crucial during the pandemic for the realization of virtual concerts. One was Twitch and the other Vimeo. The particularity of both was their worldwide reach, which allowed more users to live life experiences. YouTube and Instagram also had a certain role, but not at the level of the former.

However, there are platforms specialized in conducting virtual concerts. Among them, Event X stands out, which has welcomed more than 20 thousand clients with a figure that exceeds 3 million attendees in total. The platform has also served to host classes, talks, and meetings, but mainly musical concerts.

OnJam is another platform with a great impact on the streaming concert industry. This site allows artists to stream live, pre-recorded, or host on-demand content for those unable to be in real-time during the broadcast. In addition, this one specializes only in concerts and offers full HD quality with 320kbps.

Successful streaming concerts

One of the most favorable elements of this type of concert is the quality of the visuals. That's where electronic artists have an advantage, which is why Major Lazer had one of the best virtual shows on Oculus Venues. The experience was made thanks to the virtual reality technology of Supersphere, an attempt by Tidal and Facebook to venture into this type of live entertainment. Five years ago, the group made a virtual reality product with Hulu.

In Latin America, there were several powerful shows of this type, but the one made by the Montaner family is remembered. Camilo, Evaluna, Ricardo Montaner and Mau & Ricky offered a virtual concert available to everyone. The difference with Major Lazer is that it was not done live, but was hosted on the page that was created from the event on demand, another way to enjoy this type of event.

However, the concert with the most impact on a platform was Beyoncé with Homecoming, the production that follows her presentation at Coachella in 2018.

Less than a week ago we saw how this live music streaming industry can be exploited even in the metaverse, like Eminem and Snoop Dogg's performance at the MTV VMA's. Some of this had already been anticipated with Gorillaz and Madonna at the 2006 Grammy presentation, although without so many technological developments.

It was even seen how Travis Scott broke certain barriers with his foray into Fortnite. This is another way to take advantage of this new live music format. The possibilities are as wide as the imagination itself and technological advances. Everything indicates that this will be an effective way to reach more audiences anywhere in the world.

Finally, streaming will respond to the different dynamics of the market. Due to the rise of video games, Netflix already has a specialized platform in this field, the same happens with several platforms specialized in digital education. Concerts are just one of the many elements that this field of streaming will have in the future.

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