The values of imperfect beings

"I am now convinced that it is our duty to constantly fight against our imperfections, towards those that can be corrected; those that cannot must be redirected," the Colombian presenter, Adriana Eslava, invites readers to embrace their imperfections and give them the value that sets them apart and makes them special.

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In her latest book, Soy Adriana Eslava: The Value of Imperfection, she highlights the human power of resilience and faith in facing difficulties and turning them into an advantage. In her case, the loss of her right eye became a life teacher that led her to maximize her personal and professional life.

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"Nothing is closer and inherent to human beings than imperfection, but how difficult it is to find its true value! The one that shines when you are aware of your imperfection, not just physical, but of your being, having the humility to recognize it and the value to correct it," she maintains in the lines of her book published by Penguin Random House.

In her book, Eslava describes the events surrounding the attack she suffered on November 25, 1987. She was shot at a distance of less than one meter, destroying her orbit and right eye, and forcing her to wear an eye patch from that moment on. The process of not letting herself be crushed, finding the strength and courage to move forward, but also turning her eye patch into a symbol of resilience, can inspire those who approach this story of overcoming. Her strong relationship with God and the Virgin Mary was also key to overcoming difficulties.

In this way, Eslava reminds readers that we can take advantage of the difficulties that arise in our daily lives to build a purposeful life and overcome any misfortune, as long as we have the ability to recognize the value of imperfection and seek humility.

"Today I think that everything was rooted in that imperfection; there weren't many options, the ONLY one was to use an eye patch. But could one think of a more grotesque and less feminine element than that pirate's 'eye patch'? It was what I had…and my true strength and courage appeared at that moment. By combining my attitude with my aptitude, I produced my most beautiful legacy, MY PATCH, which today hundreds of people around the world wear, who like me, have had to face life in a different way and from a different point of view, accepting themselves as they are, loving themselves as they are, but always striving to be the best version of themselves," she recounts in her book.

Therefore, starting from the eye patch as a symbol of her personal story, while "evidencing a lack," it also encloses the "great richness, which accompanies us inside," a personal resource that we must know how to use in the face of problems.

"Only that richness gives us the security to keep on living, knowing that we are a different reference; without deceiving, without hiding, accepting and loving, but above all, with great responsibility and commitment, understanding that, in some way, we are pioneers, and that more and more will come after us, so we must tread firmly and securely on the ground that they will walk on," Eslava emphasizes as one of the key messages that she hopes her readers will adopt for their lives.


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