The worst series endings in all of history

Given the return of Dexter, which had a very controversial ending, we decided to make a list of the worst ways to end series .

Still from the series 'House of Cards'

These are some of the series that have ended and the endings have not been the favorites of the public. / Photo: YT / Netflix

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The series entertain us, but they also catch us. Throughout various seasons and episodes, we can learn about the motivations of the characters . This is why creators and librettists have a moral responsibility to finish it in a good way, satisfying the wishes of the fans.

Recently, it was announced that Dexter , the story of the forensic pathologist who has a nightlife in which he is a murderer, will return in miniseries format. From the perspective of CinemasComics, it is about the opportunity for the character to "have the ending that he deserves", since the previous one was really controversial .

In this case, we are talking about a return of a popular character so he can have a farewell more in line with the expectations that were generated throughout his 8 seasons . However, there are other stories that did not have the chance of closing their plots well. Let's look at the worst series endings in history .

Game of Thrones

We start with one of the most recent, but also controversial. Throughout its 8 seasons, this series, which mixes a medieval and fantastic context, addressed a multitude of plots, such as the threat of the white walkers or the person who would occupy the Iron Throne. Therefore, in the last batch of episodes, all of them had to be solved.

Although it did, the result was not what was expected. From La Nación they mention that it was a great story, although with a "disappointing" ending . It basically all felt too rushed, especially as the number of episodes decreased in the last two seasons, going from a classic 10 to 7 and 6 in the last two, respectively.

Hence, for example, the medium Tomatazos mentions that the final chapter was considered the "worst of the entire series", although the trend was down in the last two seasons. The fact of solving different plots without too many explanations, downplaying others, with controversial and poorly justified decisions made us all resign ourselves when it was broadcast.


Another of the most controversial endings in all of history, although it also has an argument in its favor: it has several interpretations. El Día website emphasizes that it was a series that marked "an entire generation", because it had a structure where the enigmas were constant, generating speculation and theories throughout the fan community .

This is why everyone expected that, after 6 seasons , the final chapter would solve several of the unknowns raised throughout the series. From the Diamante En Serial website they commented that it was a "disappointing ending", because, narratively, the puzzle remained incomplete.

However, this cultural phenomenon has its explanation, according to Vertele TV. Although many believe that it was all a "dream", in reality, the outcome occurred through several parallel realities, where each of the characters dies at a certain time and they meet again in a purgatory, there yes, to die permanently. Maybe the fans got it wrong all this time!

House of Cards

Again, we have an ending that caused sensation among fans… but in a negative way. Espinof's website mentions that the sixth and final season of this fiction was the “worst” in all of history. They even argued that they should not have continued without Kevin Spacey , the actor who played the popular Frank Underwood .

Netflix decided to rule out the participation of this actor after different complaints of sexual harassment in real life fell on him. Therefore, La Vanguardia indicated that, to solve this problem, they decided to "kill" his character in the series' promos, resulting in something humiliating for the artist's career.

In that last stage, his wife, Claire Underwood, managed to stand out thanks to the talent of actress Robin Wright. However, the farewell felt really forced, generating some wear in the structure of the series, where the conflicts seemed secondary as they diminished the strength and intensity they had previously.


Finally, we have one of the most abrupt and saddest endings in all of history. In the words of the Big Bang News media, this NBC series lasted four seasons, although we all remember that, from one moment to the next, the situation changed: Alf was kidnapped by the special forces of the United States.

The structure of this story was that of a conventional sitcom. Basically, everything revolved around the Tanner family , who meet an alien from the planet Melmac and decide to adopt him. So, throughout all its chapters, they try to hide it from others to avoid being "taken".

The problem is that, according to Guioteca, episode number 102 marked the terrible outcome of the show. From one moment to the next, Alf decides to leave Earth to try to return to his home planet. However, the United States captured him and took him away. Despite the fact that, years later, they sought to give it a better closure through the film Project: Alf, the damage had already been done, proving that the endings of the series are as important as the rest of the story.

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