These 6 beauty myths don’t favor your skin

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Skin care is important, and not all products are good for your skin. Keep reading and avoid falling into these errors

6 myths of beauty that do not do your skin any favors

Many of the products or beauty tricks for skin care that you have come across social networks or have heard of some friends, are not really doing you any good. In fact, many of these beauty routines, although they may seem to give their results at the beginning, cause havoc in the pores or do not cover any wrinkles around the eyes.

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In this situation, and thinking about the care of each person, here are 6 myths of beauty that are not entirely true and do not benefit your skin.

1. The toner is the only base before applying a hydrating cream

Fact: A toner fulfills the function of removing excess grease and dirt on the skin before applying the moisturizer. Depending on the way they sell it to you, they will tell you that it will help your skin look brighter and softer.

Although toner can be a great supplement to beauty routines, the reality is that not all people need it. There are other products on the market that can supply the toner, as a rejuvenator of liquid cells, which are usually made of aloe vera and we all know how rich it is for the skin and beneficial to keep it healthy. So remember that there are other alternatives that serve as the basis for the moisturizer and will provide some shining while minimizing pores.

2. Skin products must be applied depending on their color

Fact: There is one thing that must be clear and is that regardless of the color, the skin will remain skin so that the products purchased for their care have nothing to do with the color of the person. Regardless of ethnic origin, to maintain healthy skin, no brand or specialized product is necessary. Although there are differences of ethnic origin, which are in the thickness and amount of melanin, problems such as clogged pores, acne, signs of aging, sun damage, among other problems, will need the same types of corrective ingredients.

3. All products for sensitive skin are good

Fact: The sensitizing ingredients for irritated skin are a problem for everyone, since many of these products, although labeled "good for sensitive skin", contain certain ingredients that can inflame it, such as oils, plant extracts and synthetic fragrances, In accordance with the above, Hola! clarifies that "sensitive skin can react equally to a natural product, not everything natural is safe in sensitive skin". Whether you have sensitive skin or not, the use of products whose labels say they are essentially good for sensitive skin does not imply that it will help you choose the best product.

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4. Acne and pimples can be removed with cosmetics

Fact: Most acne scrubs are terrible for treating the skin because they are so abrasive and harsh that they will only increase inflammation and worsen outbreaks. In fact, the Better Health portal states that "it is essential not to use cosmetic products that contain oils or any kind of products that contain excessive alcohol because it will dry the skin, cause irritation and acne". Acne is a particularly inflammatory condition of the skin and anything that helps increase inflammation will only result in more acne and prolongation of post-acne scarring.

5. Drinking water can get rid of dry skin

Fact: While drinking a liter of water daily will do good to your body, it will not eliminate dry skin. If this myth were completely correct, no person would have dry skin. Dry skin has much more complex causes than we think, that will not be solved only by drink water.

According to Harper's Bazaar, in relation to the above, "drinking 3 liters of water per day is not good because we can force the kidney to work excessively and it also does not improve dry skin because to moisturize it, you have to do it from the outside". No amount of water can provide the same benefits that a product with ingredients of omega fatty acid, lecithin and glycerin will provide.

6. Chocolate and greasy foods cause acne

Fact: Actually this is a half myth because although specifically chocolate and greasy foods do not cause acne, there are others that can cause it. Some of these: butter, sugar, dairy and flour in processed chocolate are more likely to cause the outbreak. In fact, pure chocolate is an excellent antioxidant.


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