These are some of the records that exist in the Golden Globes

These awards recognize the excellence of film and television professionals both in the United States and globally.

Meryl Streep at her Golden Globes speech in 2017

Throughout its 77 years, the Golden Globes has a large number of records that have been broken little by little, not only individually but also in groups. / Photo: YT-ABC News

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The film and television awards season raise its curtain in 2021 with the gala before the Oscars: the Golden Globes. It is one of the most anticipated ceremonies both by fans and by the actors and actresses themselves since the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is in charge of recognizing this professionalism on the big and small screen. Throughout its 77 years, the event has a large number of records that have gradually been broken, not only individually but also in groups.

It should be noted that for this new edition there will be a historical milestone never seen before and that it will surely continue to give people talk in the coming years. We refer to the fact that three women were recognized in the category of best director, this being the first time that more than one female has been nominated in that section. The spotlight will be on Regina King ( One Night in Miami ), Chloé Zhao ( Nomadland ), and Emerald Fennell ( Promising Young Woman ), who will compete against directors David Fincher ( Mank ) and Aaron Sorkin ( The Trial of the Chicago 7 ).

But that does not stop there. Another artist who equaled an interesting record was Sacha Baron Cohen, who is nominated in three different categories. The Briton will seek to win the award for best actor in a comedy or musical ( Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ), best-supporting actor ( The Trial of the Chicago 7 ), and best musical or comedy film ( Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ). To date, only Helen Mirren and Jamie Foxx have achieved such recognition. In 2004, the American won for best actor in a comedy or musical for Ray, but could not repeat as a supporting actor ( Collateral ) or an actor in a miniseries ( Redemption ). For her part, the English in 2007 triumphed as best actress in a drama ( The Queen ) and best actress in a miniseries ( Elizabeth I ) where she was also nominated for Prime Suspect: The Final Act.

Do you want to know other outstanding records of the Golden Globes? Here we leave you a list.

Actor and actress with the most awards

Meryl Streep and Barbra Streisand are at the top with 9 awards each. It should be noted that the first has 7 awards in film, one on television and one honorary; while the second also stood out with statuettes as a composer, producer, and director. In terms of men, Jack Nicholson and Alan Alda lead in film and television, respectively, with 6.

An artist with the highest number of nominations

Again appears at the top of this list Meryl Streep, who reaches the figure of 34 nominations in total. In the second place, and somewhat far, is the composer John Williams with 26 and with only 4 Globes to his credit.

Director with the most awards and most nominations

As for the best directors, the first place goes to Elia Kazan with 4, thanks to Gentleman's Agreement (1948), On the Waterfront (1955), Baby Doll (1957), and America, America (1964). For his part, the great Steven Spielberg holds the record for the most nominations with a total of 12 and with only two awards.

Winner of two performance awards in the same edition

This record has the peculiarity that it is led by four women. In 1989 Sigourney Weaver won the best actress in a drama ( Gorillas in the mist ) and supporting actress ( Working Girl ). For 1993 it was Joan Plowright's turn as a supporting actress ( Enchanted April ) and a supporting actress in a miniseries ( Stalin ). Then in 2007, Helen Mirren triumphed as an actress in a drama ( The Queen ) and an actress in a miniseries ( Elizabeth I ). Finally, Kate Winslet joined in 2009 by taking home the distinction as a drama actress ( Revolutionary Road ) and a supporting actress ( The Reader ).

Films with the most awards and winners of all the awards for which it was nominated

We go back to 2016 when La La Land set a new record by taking the seven awards it was nominated for: best picture, director, actor, actress, screenplay, soundtrack, and original song. Previously, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) and Midnight Express (1978) had 6, being the first winner of all their nominations. A similar situation happened with Doctor Zhivago (1965) and A Star Is Born (1976), which won five out of five.

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A film with the most nominations and productions with the highest number of nominations without winning any awards

In 1975 there was a unique moment with Nashville, whose film had 11 nominations in total and only one award: best original song. Who could not take anything despite the 7 nominations were Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), Foul Play (1978) and The Godfather: Part III (1990). As for television, the series Will & Grace takes the honors for its 30 nominations without any awards.

The youngest and oldest person to win a statuette

This was granted between 1948 and 1983 to recognize that revelation artist, and that had in Ricky Schroder its youngest winner at 9 years of age for The Champ (1980). For his part, the always-remembered Ennio Morricone holds the record for the oldest person (87 years old) to win a Golden Globe after winning the best soundtrack for The Hateful Eight (2016).

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