These are the 5 best Amazon Prime productions of 2021

This year is coming to an end and it is time to take stock, Jeff Bezos' platform continues to position itself as a streaming service desired by users. These are the 5 best Amazon Prime productions of 2021.

Still from the productions 'The Green Knight', 'The map of the perfect little things' and 'Cruel Summer'

The platform has enough to celebrate after a very good year, looking with great expectations at what may happen in 2022. Photos: YT-Prime Video

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With the year 2021 about to end, the different streaming services begin to make balances in terms of their best productions, number of reproductions, new subscribers and great premieres. For Amazon Prime that is no exception, and the platform has enough to celebrate after a very good year , looking with great expectations at what may happen in 2022.

According to figures provided by the same platform, Amazon Prime has more than 200 million subscribers and is the closest pursuer of Netflix. A study in Forbes magazine recently noted that series and movies released month after month are watched by about 96 million people. Exceeding the number of subscribers to other platforms such as Disney Plus, HBO and HBO Max.

For this reason, in the following article we bring you a compilation of the five best productions that premiered during this year 2021 on a platform that currently reaches more than 200 countries around the world and that month by month adds in premieres and in new series and movies.

The Green Knight

A relative of the renowned King Arthur is involved in a true odyssey, risking his life and his future when he goes in search of a confrontation with the feared Green Knight. Seeking acceptance, the nephew of the highest authority will be involved in a series of conflicts and will do whatever it takes to demonstrate his capabilities and that he does deserve to be a part of his family and the court.

If you are one of those who is passionate about fantasy and historical fiction films, then "The Green Knight" will catch you from beginning to end, for its plot, technical quality, the actor behind the protagonist and the development of a plot that well makes it worthy of being considered one of the best movies of 2021 on Amazon Prime.

Cruel Summer

Temporarily set in the 1990s and three different summers, an extremely popular and wealthy girl suddenly disappears and her whereabouts become unknown. Simultaneously, a young woman who has no relationship with the missing girl and who is very different from her, from one day to the next becomes the most popular person in the entire city, but also the most hated in the United States.

A series for young audiences, with a narrative at times somewhat confusing but at the same time mysterious and interesting, recalling the 90s and with a timeless resource used brilliantly. Cruel Summer in ten chapters catches you and leaves you expectant until the end; In addition, due to its success, the series was renewed for a second season, although there is still not much information about it.

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The Map of the Perfect Tiny Things

Two teenagers are locked in a time loop, both facing the situation in diametrically opposite ways, since the two people have different personalities and different ways of seeing life. As time passes, the two will discover that there are different ways to get out of there and return to the world of which they were once a part.

For people who love romantic comedies, "The map of the perfect tiny things" is a powerful film, with magic, love, good photography and special situations that complement each other in a very good way and that make this film have everything. the younger public may be interested. If you do not have a plan for the next Valentine's Day, then this optimistic movie may be a good option.

The Underground Railroad

Young Cora lives as a slave working on a cotton plantation in Georgia. Without the presence of a mother and father, she lives in appalling conditions and subordinate to everything her masters say. When César, an American boy, appears, he tells Cora about an underground railroad that may allow them to escape from the place. From that moment on, both are going to immerse themselves in very fearful, deep waters where disappointments will be something of every day if they want to escape definitively.

This tremendous adaptation of Colson Withehead's novel "The Underground Railroad" faithfully and cruelly portrays the delicate and traumatic situation that slavery and subjugation can go through. Lovers of historical fictions will love this production, but they will also suffer from the cruelty of a time and a historical moment that, to this day, leaves scars in many and many.

One Night in Miami

Different personalities and celebrities from different fields met in the 60s in a Miami hotel where they began to engage in a conversation regarding the situation faced by the black population in the United States. Racial segregation can be a great difficulty for a black man to be successful, and, therefore, the fight for civil rights is necessary and urgent.

With an outstanding soundtrack, addressing a social problem that conditioned the lives of many people during the past and with a very high-level characterization of the characters. A night in Miami is a film full of confessions, revelations, jokes and where issues such as racism and violence are treated with great delicacy and with too much success .

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